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How To Start Strength Training At Home

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How To Start Strength Training At Home
Strength Training At Home

There are so many reasons to include strength training in your fitness routine — and you can get started with just your body weight, or a small home gym with minimal equipment! 

Here’s what you need to consider starting strength training at home. 

Find out:

Strength training: home vs gym

Strength training in the gym has benefits because you have access to a wide range of different equipment and machines that you can use to target specific elements of movement — but working out in the gym might not always be possible. 

Strength training at home might fit into your day more easily, and you can still get real results. Plus, you'll save time on the commute, giving yourself more time for the important things in your life. By using high-intensity exercises and a thoughtfully designed workout program, you can train using no equipment at all, or using some basic home gym equipment.

Free weights or resistance bands can increase the difficulty of the exercises, and there are plenty of workout options for small spaces. You can also train using bodyweight exercises and calisthenics to maintain and build your stamina and strength.   

Can I get results with strength training at home?

Yes, you definitely can! The number one key to successfully getting results is following a workout program consistently. Once you start to form a fitness habit, you can learn about how to select the appropriate rate of perceived exertion to boost your training benefits. 

As with gym-based training, proper nutrition and recovery will help to maximise your training, helping you to build strength and progress your fitness. 

There is a range of strength-focused at-home programs on Sweat that you can try, including PWR at Home, LIFTING at Home, FIERCE at Home and High Intensity Strength with Cass

Benefits of strength training at home

Strength training at home has so many benefits for both your training and overall lifestyle. For fitness beginners training at home gives you the space and time you need to focus on mastering your exercise form and building your confidence. 

As you progress, you can choose to move to training in the gym or continue your fitness journey at home.

For more experienced gym-goers, training at home gives you one more option for getting your workouts done efficiently. If you’ve hit a workout plateau, shifting your training to the home environment may help to reinvigorate your workouts. 

Physical benefits

Strength training can help you to burn more energy at rest, as well as improving your muscular strength and endurance. It can even help you to increase and maintain bone density. 

At Home Strength Training

Training benefits

When you train at home, you can focus on moving through the exercises at your own pace and maximise the time allocated to your workout. 

You can progress at your own level, in an environment that you are comfortable in. Plus, you’ll never have to wait for someone to finish using the equipment you need!

Lifestyle benefits

Doing your strength training from home can be much more convenient — which means that you’re more likely to be consistent with your workouts! Home workouts are more time efficient because there’s no commute, which means that they can be easier to squeeze into a busy day

How to start strength training at home

You can start strength training at home any time, whether you are experienced, or just getting started with this training style. All you’ll need is some space to move — and you can start out with bodyweight strength exercises!

The key to effective strength training is to ensure that you target each area of the body, allowing enough rest between workouts to allow for muscle recovery. 

You can get started with two or three workouts each week. If you want to maximise the time you spend working out, you can follow a strength training program that is designed to progressively increase your fitness. 

There are several at-home workout programs available in the Sweat app if you are looking for guidance! 

Do I need equipment for strength training at home?

You can start strength training at home with no-equipment exercises. You might be surprised how challenging a bodyweight workout can really be. 

If you commit to this style of training, you might decide to get a few pieces of home gym equipment. 

Don’t worry too much about having a lot of equipment at the beginning — you can always substitute household items such as full water bottles for dumbbells. 

As you progress with your training, you can add some versatile pieces of equipment like kettlebells, a bench, and resistance bands. 

You can start strength training at home 

Strength training can help you to improve your performance in your other physical activities and your everyday life! If you are ready to give it a go, try this full-body workout from PWR at Home!

Each exercise has step-by-step instructions and guided workout demonstrations by your personal trainer to ensure you complete each exercise with correct form. 

What are you waiting for? The best time to start is now. 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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