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Strength & Sculpt with Katie Martin

Progress your weight training

  • Designed for intermediate and advanced fitness levels
  • Beginner-friendly modifications available
  • Gym-based program

What to expect in Strength & Sculpt with Katie Martin

Strength & Sculpt is ideal for anyone with an intermediate or advanced fitness level who is looking to progress their weight training. But don’t worry, there are also helpful exercise substitutions and regressions if you’re a beginner, new to lifting weights or are training at home!

Strength & Sculpt is designed to be completed in the gym, but can also be done with a good home gym set-up! To get started you’ll need a barbell and plates, dumbbells, cable machine, chin-up bar, bench, kettlebell, lat pulldown, leg press machine, smith machine, back extension bench, Swiss ball and resistance bands. We can feel the burn already!

Feeling stronger starts with a single rep. Are you ready?

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