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Kelsey Wells

Hello! I’m Kelsey Wells — wife, mother and personal trainer. After having my baby, Anderson, I started a healthy eating and exercise plan to help improve my fitness. Little did I know that it would completely change the course of my life!

Once I began following a regular training program, I can honestly say I felt a positive transformation in many areas of my life. I wanted to share that feeling with everyone! Fast-forward a few years and now I’m a certified personal trainer with expertise in post-natal training.

Taking care of a family makes it even more important to take care of yourself physically and mentally. That’s why you need to make your health a priority. I want ALL women to feel amazing, to feel body confident and totally in love with themselves inside and out.

My training programs take you on a journey of empowerment. PWR Post-Pregnancy is about regaining and strengthening your love for your body through low-impact workouts. PWR, my gym-based program, encourages you to unleash your power and take your training to another level.

For women who prefer to train at home, I'm beyond excited that my brand new program, PWR at Home, is now available in the Sweat app! I started my fitness journey working out at home and it helped to change my life. Empower yourself with my strength-training program, all from the comfort of home!

You deserve to feel and to BE your best. I truly believe caring for your body and building self-confidence through a healthy lifestyle is fundamental for feeling unstoppable!

Let me help you to strengthen your body, at home or in the gym, with my PWR programs.

My Programs

My PWR programs focus on using weights training to build lean muscle and strength. These intentional workout programs are based on proven training principles to guide you through your journey of empowerment.

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