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Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy

Rebuild strength and fitness after having a baby

  • Low-intensity circuit training
  • 15-minute workouts
  • Endorsed by leading obstetricians and exercise physiologists

What to expect in Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy

Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy uses minimal equipment, with workouts that are 15-25 minutes in length that can be completed from the comfort of home. Each workout will help to strengthen your body, relieve tension in common areas of concern and assist new mothers to return to a regular exercise program. The four foundational weeks are suitable for women who may have had a C-section birth or symptoms of a weak pelvic floor.

This 16-week program is for women who are restarting their fitness journey after having a baby. The program includes four foundational weeks that account for the different experiences a woman can have during birth.

Use this program to return to exercise with confidence, once you have clearance to exercise from your medical team to resume light exercise.

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