Katie Martin

I’m Katie Martin, creator of Strength & Sculpt. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2016, and am also a cookbook author and the founder of my own activewear line. Strength training and Pilates are my favourite ways to train to see results, feel strong, and build sustainable healthy habits. 

My mission has always been to help people in their fitness journey and I’m forever working on daily habits to create my ideal lifestyle. When you stop approaching your health and fitness with short-term goals and start working towards longevity, get ready to watch everything come together! I am definitely someone who pushes to be better than the day, week, month or year before, and that can be as easy as starting small and building on it each day. Start with a glass of water. Start with a walk around the block. Start with one workout from Strength & Sculpt. Start with a few more veggies. Start creating your healthiest, happiest lifestyle today.


My Programs

Strength & Sculpt is ideal for anyone with an intermediate or advanced fitness level who is looking to progress their weight training. But don’t worry, there are also helpful exercise substitutions and regressions if you’re a beginner, new to lifting weights or are training at home! To get started with this 18-week program you’ll need a range of gym equipment and machines, so it’s best if you have access to a gym or a great home set-up. Feeling stronger starts with a single rep. Are you ready?

Train with Katie

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