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Powerbuilding for women

  • Gym-based program
  • 12 Beginner weeks
  • Progressive heavy lifting

What to expect in BUILD

BUILD is a program designed to guide women through getting started with heavy lifting and progressing their strength. It uses elements of power-lifting and bodybuilding to achieve increased strength and build muscle volume.

If you haven’t previously done this type of training, there are 12 introductory weeks to get you comfortable with the three primary lifts — the squat, bench press and deadlift. From here you can progress to the main program.

Workouts take around 50-60 minutes each, allowing enough rest between each exercise to maximise performance. The program starts with full-body workouts, then moves to body part split workouts as you gain strength.

If you want to see the difference being strong can make, BUILD your confidence in the gym with this program from Stephanie Sanzo.

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