Anissia Hughes

Living an active lifestyle has always been a form of release for me — it shows me that I am capable of achieving anything! My goal is to help women find their “why” with training. I’m here to help women realise that fitness is so much more than aesthetic — it's an enjoyable part of life, and a way of living and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I've designed a four-week program for beginners or women ready to fall in love with fitness again, and will help improve overall well-being through my effective, powerful training style. Get ready to feel stronger and more capable!

Bodyweight Strength with Anissia

Bodyweight Strength with Anissia Hughes will help you fall in love with fitness with at-home bodyweight exercises you can do without equipment.

It is a full-body no-equipment training program designed to get you moving — so you can enjoy the feeling of being active and becoming stronger.

The four-week program is suitable for beginners and will help you develop a consistent training routine. It includes time-based strength training and bodyweight circuits you can do at home. You will learn the fundamentals of movement in workouts you can do at your own pace while you build a fitness foundation.

Choose from three workout options a week (one is optional) — full-body sessions that can be finished in 20 minutes. The program also includes two low-intensity cardio sessions to increase fitness, and a recovery stretching session to improve mobility and flexibility.
Train with Anissia