SWEAT Summer Series Week 2

SWEAT Summer Series Week 2


SWEAT Summer Series Week 2


We’re back for our weekly round-up of the Sweat Summer Series! In week two, our trainers shared some brand new workouts to really get you all moving!
Kelsey trained everyone’s arms this week, with an advanced workout and a lower-intensity version for post-pregnancy ladies. 
Sjana shared a heart-opening sequence, which can help you deepen your breath and expand the rib cage. If you are feeling stiff from hunching over a desk all day, there are some fantastic stretches in this sequence.

For Kayla’s workout, get ready to step up the intensity this week! This upper-body focused workout can help you build up your strength AND is great for your posture too.

Missed week one? Check out the first week of the Sweat Summer Series here. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook to see every week!

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