How To Stay Hydrated If You Hate Water

How To Stay Hydrated If You Hate Water


How to stay hydrated if you hate water

We already know how important it is to stay hydrated. Your body uses water for almost everything it does, like removing waste, carrying oxygen and nutrients, protecting your organs and regulating your body temperature. That’s a good reason to keep up your water intake and keep your body hydrated. But what if you dislike water?

While plain old water is hands-down the best natural solution to keeping your body hydrated, there are other options if you simply don’t like the taste of water. Here are a few ways you can help your body rehydrate if you hate water. 

Add some flavour to your water

We know, we know. You hate water. But when you infuse your water with fruit and other natural flavourings, it’s different, we swear!

To add flavour, simply pop some fruit in the water and leave it to infuse for a little while. One of the best things about our SWEAT drink bottle is the mouth is wide enough to fit fruit slices. That means you can add the fruit in the morning and take it with you to drink during the day. 

Here are a couple of combinations you can try:

  • Strawberry, lemon and basil
  • Lime and mint
  • Grapefruit, cucumber, orange and mint
  • Raspberry and lime
  • Strawberry and mint. 

There is an endless range of infusion combinations you can try, so play around until you find one you like! Just make sure to give the fruit or herbs a rinse before you add it to the water. 

Drink tea

To increase your fluid intake, you can reach for a cup of tea. You simply need to be aware of which teas are best if you are relying on it for extra hydration. Green tea and chamomile are good choices, or try rooibos teas for caffeine-free options. When you drink tea, you also get a dose of antioxidants. 

You can also try a matcha iced tea, one of the great ways to use matcha AND get some more water into your day. 

Grab a green smoothie

Some foods are more hydrating than others, so adding those to a smoothie is a great way of getting some extra water. Try adding spinach or other greens to your smoothie, as well as cucumber and some mango for a bit of sweetness. If you use coconut water for the liquid base, you get some extra electrolytes as well. 

Sip kombucha

If cutting back on soft drink is out of the question for you, you can try switching to kombucha. Made from fermented tea, kombucha can satisfy a sweet craving with less sugar than a standard soft drink. It has some beneficial probiotics, which can be good for your gut, and it does have electrolytes as well. Because it is made from tea, kombucha does have some hydrating benefits, just be mindful of the sugar content. 

Have some soup

There’s a good reason chicken soup is great when you’re sick! Some soup varieties are made using large quantities of water, which can help to keep your body hydrated, especially when it is cold outside. Clear soups, such as broths and some vegetable soups, contain a lot of water and help to boost your nutritional intake as well. Just try to stick to soups without coconut milk or cream if you want to maximise the possible hydration benefits without overdoing it on saturated fats. 

Your body depends on water to function, so finding ways to add it into your daily life is essential. 

Staying hydrated is also really important if you are exercising regularly, because you lose fluids through sweating. Even if you dislike the taste of water, you can stay hydrated with these tips. 

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