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9 Ways To Make Your Workouts More Social

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9 Ways To Make Your Workouts More Social
Workouts Social

It can be hard to find the motivation to workout solo day-after-day. Life happens! 

Sometimes work will be busier than usual, other times it may be friends or family that require more of your time. Not to mention, for some, working out by yourself can also be a little demotivating in itself. 

To combat this, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make your workouts more social. Say hello to feeling excited and pumped to start your workout, no matter what’s happening around you. 

Find a workout buddy

Let’s start with the obvious. Working out with a friend has loads of perks. 

A friend is someone who you know will keep you on track and won’t let you bail when you’re considering skipping the session. 

Find a friend with either a similar interest in exercise; perhaps you both enjoy high-intensity training? Or, alternatively, find a friend that is skilled in an exercise that you would love to learn. Boxing is a great example of an exercise that is perfect for pairs! 

The best part? The workout can double up as a friendly catch-up, which means you get your exercise in and have quality time with your friend. Win-win!

Make being social the reward

Some love to workout solo and why fix something that’s not broken? 

If you have the discipline to workout alone, push yourself time and time again and beat your personal best, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing! 

But if you want to put a friendly twist on your workout, make a plan to meet up with a friend once you’ve worked up a sweat.

This can give you something to look forward to once you’ve finished working out, even during those challenging reps. 

A protein shake or smoothie post-workout is the best kind of catch-up and will work to help your muscles recover post-workout. 

Workout With Friends

Participate in group exercise

Group exercise isn’t a new concept, but when was the last time you gave it a go? 

Whether you attend a group fitness class at a local gym or exercise studio, there always seems to be a new class to try. Have you ever tried vinyasa yoga? 

What about kickboxing or reformer pilates? Perhaps a cycling class or barre session would make a great workout? 

The list is endless, but the point is there’s always something new to try. 

Take it outside

Exercising outdoors in a communal area can be a great way to make your workouts more social and there are so many possibilities! 

Whether you opt for a local park or travel a little further for a change of scenery — by a beach or lake can be great options – an outdoor workout is good for your mind as well as your Vitamin D intake. And no doubt there are places where other people regularly workout too — once you start looking, you’ll notice clusters of solo like-minded people everywhere.

It’s a safe bet that a park will have a bench, meaning you can do incline push-ups, lying leg raises, sit-ups and more. 

As for an outdoor gym by the beach, expect to be able to do pull-ups, back extensions and ab crunches on the equipment available.

Ways To Make Your Workouts More Social

Try the virtual space

Why not join a fitness group online? 

Whether the group is specific to a style of exercise or a program (like the SWEAT community, for example), joining a group with like-minded members means you instantly have something in common to discuss and bond over. 

These groups are overflowing with encouragement and support, which are such important elements of your fitness journey! 

You might feel motivated by the fact that your group spans the globe, or perhaps slightly smaller scale with one specific to your state, city or region. 

If you find that one doesn’t exist, we challenge you to start your own.

It could lead to incredible friendships and a fantastic support network.

Share and be rewarded 

Sharing your journey on social media isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great way to widen your network and meet new people. 

Importantly, sharing on social media and detailing your future plans and ambitions makes you accountable. Nothing like a bit of GOOD internal peer pressure to get you going.

If you pledge on social media that you will set out to accomplish something new, beat a personal best or complete an advanced workout, you have a community around you to encourage you and ensure you see it through. 

As your journey progresses, you’ll likely find yourself with your very own cheer squad, supporting your every move. 

Social Fitness

Go team 

If you’re already playing a team sport, try setting up an additional weekly workout session with your teammates?

Not only will you likely improve at your sport of choice – netball, touch football, basketball, lacrosse or volleyball, to name a few – but you will have fun doing it. 

If you don’t currently play a team sport, now could be the perfect time. It teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and solidarity and it’s a great way to round out your personal fitness program. 

With typically only one training session and one game a week, a team sport allows you to be social while still having time to continue with your regular SWEAT fitness routine.

Challenge a friend 

Are you someone who likes a bit of healthy competition to keep you on your toes? 

Challenge a friend to smash a personal best, up the number of reps in a workout or do more steps in a day; it could be anything! Just make it specific to you and your friend and in line with your fitness goals. 

Perhaps it’s for a week, a fortnight or a month — there is no right or wrong way, nor is there one size that fits all — just whatever will challenge you within reason. 

The trick is to make something fun and exciting to keep you focused and on track. 

Exercise On Lunch Break

Step away from your desk

Make the most of your lunch break by grabbing a colleague and squeezing a workout into your day. 

Does your workplace have a gym? If so, that’s the obvious (and easy!) go-to. 

If you only have limited time, try Kayla’s BBG workout, which only takes 28-minutes and works to increase your fitness and strength. 

If your workplace doesn’t have a gym, are there any local gyms or exercise studios in the area that you can visit? Keep it within a 10 minute walk — it needs to be convenient!

Post workout, you’ll return to the office re-energised and ready to focus on the afternoon ahead. We’re betting you’ll get your best work done as well.

Tip: lock any exercise in your work diary to ensure that no meetings clash with your plans. Better yet, set a reminder to make sure you step away from your desk on time!

What are you waiting for?

Whether you implement one or more of these tips, what are you waiting for? We guarantee you’ll have more fun working out than ever.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your workouts? Check out the 50 top workout tips from our SWEAT Trainers!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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