Signs Your Health Is On Track

Signs Your Health Is On Track


Signs your health is on track


Weight isn’t always an accurate indicator of health. There are lots of other factors that contribute to good health, and lots of different ways to measure overall health as well. How you feel can be an even better sign that you are healthy (or on the road to better health). In fact, often our bodies give us ‘clues’ about our health. Keep your eye out for these signs that your health may be improving.  

You’re sleeping better

Exercising can help to work through any frustration or stress that you are feeling, which can calm your mind before bed. Not to mention a tough workout is likely to tire you out! If you find you are less restless during the night, or wake up feeling more refreshed, it’s a great sign your health is on the right path.

Your hair and nails look better

One of the first places to signal a diet lacking in vitamins is your hair or nails. Hair that feels dry or brittle is often a sign that your diet could do with more protein, zinc, iron or vitamin C. Strong fingernails and healthy hair can be a great indication that your body is getting the nutrients it requires.

You have stacks of energy

A fantastic bonus of working on your health and fitness can be having more energy. Exercise is a great way to fight fatigue, and a healthy diet provides your body with the fuel it needs to increase your energy.


You’re not craving sweets

As you fill your diet with lots of whole foods, it’s common to notice cravings for sweets are reduced. This can happen for a number of reasons, one being your body is getting everything it needs from your food intake. It can also be a sign of stable blood sugar levels or breaking an addiction to the sugar rush that can come from eating sweets.

Clearer skin

Skin is the body’s biggest organ, which means it is a great indicator of your overall health. If you’ve noticed a ‘glow’ to your skin, or scratches and bruises heal faster, it’s a good sign your health is improving. A poor diet can reduce your body’s ability to repair itself and regenerate new tissue.   

You are enjoying being active

Once you get into a regular workout routine, you might actually start looking forward to those workouts. Your body starts getting used to regular activity and may begin to crave the endorphins that can come from a workout.

Being healthy is about so much more than what the scale reflects. How you feel on the inside is a much more important reflection of your health, especially if you’ve recently started a new workout routine. Pay attention to these signs and be proud of yourself for getting your health to a good place. 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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