Real Women, Real Fitspiration

Real Women, Real Fitspiration


Real Women, Real Fitspiration

I began the Bikini Body Guide allllll the wayyyyy back in November 2014. Back then, I tried to muster up motivation by following fitness inspiration accounts, but many of them only shared photos of beauty standards I never thought possible for myself. Instead of motivating me, I found they had the exact opposite effect. I would feel so alone in the struggle.

It wasn't until I started browsing the #bbggirl hashtag that I found so many other amazing, strong women that were struggling the same as I was! I'm happy to say that many of them became my good friends.

From learning about their lives and the everyday issues we all deal with, I found myself becoming more and more motivation from these real-life stories alone; way more than any of those fitness motivation sites! So, I decided to comb through some of my favorite accounts, find a beautiful quote from them, and immortalize them in some calligraphy, so they can share it with their friends. And thus, the #realwomenrealfitspo series was born.

While this series only lasted during 2015, these women, and other real women like them, inspire me everyday.

I think it's important to remember that what you see in fitness magazines, fitness websites, or even fitness instagrams aren't always portraying a real, raw, vulnerable view of the fitness world. 100% of the time, the women right beside you at the gym, in the cycling studio, or running the race, are the most inpiring people you'll ever meet! 

Here are some of my favorites!


"It's the struggle that makes you stronger."

TOO TRUE. Our strength builds from overcoming challenges and obstacles over time. Remember this the next time your struggling with those tuck jump burpees: every rep makes you stronger than the last.


"You must know how amazing you truly are."

Some self-love inspiration! Too often we're waaaaayyyy too harsh on ourselves. We insult ourselves. We hold such ridiculously high standards for ourselves. We often say we're not good enough.

Well, guess what? YOU ARE good enough. You are MORE than enough. You are giving it your all day and night and you are amazing. So don't forget that.


"Keep learning & moving forward one day at a time."

The process takes time. Some days you will win, and some days you will learn. The most imporant thing is that you're moving forward everyday, towards your best self.

Remember: it's not a race. It's your own personal journey.

"Change isn't easy, but it's totally worth it."

Too often I hear people say "It seems like so much work!" after expressing that they want to get fit and healthy. Well, yes, it is a lot of work! Any change that's worth it in this life takes a lot of work. But again, with any effort given towards becoming your best self, whether easy or hard, it's worth it.

Keep your head in the game. Your eye on that prize. No matter how difficult it gets, remember that it's worth it.


"It's amazing how much of a difference dedication can make."

YES! When was the last time you dedicated yourself to something? Like, fully dedicated everything you got. You'd be surprised at how much your capable of when you set your mind to it! The power of the mind is everything; harness it and use it to your advantage.

Dedicate yourself to make. It. Happen. 

Who inspires you? Feel free to submit your favorite #realwomenrealfitspo candidates to me on Instagram! 

xoxo, mickey


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