Is Being Too Busy an Excuse for Bad Habits?

Is Being Too Busy an Excuse for Bad Habits?


When you live a busy lifestyle, whether it be because of a demanding job, trying to fit in work and study or family commitments, bad habits can creep into your routine. Before you know it, working late and skipping the gym is a regular part of your week. Then you might start relying on convenience food for dinners, or eating in front of the computer. Sitting down to a healthy, home-cooked meal after finishing a workout can seem almost unachieveable right now.

An unfortunate side effect of the cycle of poor food choices and not taking care of yourself can be having less energy. You may start feeling tired all the time but maybe you’re not sleeping well. Maybe you catch every cold that spreads around, always seem to have a headache or frequently feel anxious. It might be your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.

There’s a problem with these bad habits

The problem could be that your health is coming a distant second to other aspects of your lifestyle. Not making time to care for yourself could also be affecting other areas of your life. Your health is important for success at work, at home or at school. It’s hard to be alert or creative when you are running on empty.

While being ‘too busy’ may start out as just a temporary phase for you, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle. Poor diet and lack of exercise can start to contribute to wider health problems. In the long term, not getting enough sleep may even lead to problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

Getting past the excuses

Taking care of yourself should be something you aim to do everyday, it’s as simple as that. While it sounds harsh, being ‘too busy’ to prioritise your health is only going to hurt one person in the long term, and that’s you.

There are ways to make time to care for yourself. Scheduling time for workouts and eating better might seem like high goals to reach for when your time is already limited, but they do pay off. Make small changes every week to give yourself time to adjust, this way you are more likely to come through on those good intentions. Find a style of exercise that works for you. Sticking to a new health or fitness routine is all about choosing and accepting small changes that, when combined, add up to a big difference.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise can help your body to feel strong and energised, which can also help to manage stress. A healthy lifestyle can have a huge impact on the life that you lead, even as far as helping you to sleep better and feel happier. Are those the kind of benefits you can ignore?

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.