Easy Tips To Keep Your Weekends Healthier

Easy Tips To Keep Your Weekends Healthier


Easy tips to keep your weekend healthier

Do you ever wake up on Monday morning feeling exhausted, even though the week hasn’t started? Your weekend activities could be to blame. While sometimes it would be nice, you can’t just hit pause on healthy habits because you have a day off. Here are a few easy ways to make your days off a bit healthier.

Be active

Having a weekday routine can sometimes make it easier to get to your workouts. When the weekends (or the days you have off) are yours to spend as you wish, it’s tempting to pass the time relaxing and watching TV. Try to fit in some active time over your days off. Getting some fresh air and going for a hike is a super fun yet easy way to do this. Chances are you’ll feel so much better when you go back to work.

Keep a regular sleep schedule

If you stick to a regular bedtime during the week and then stay up ‘til all hours over the weekend, your circadian rhythm (or ‘body clock’) may suffer. You don’t need to be in bed super early, but getting a good night’s sleep can set you up for a more productive weekend.

Don’t skip breakfast

Make a point to start your weekend the right way with a nourishing breakfast. It’s all too easy to skip breakfast (or lunch) and then overindulge when dinnertime rolls around. A sleep-in on the weekend can really throw your eating habits out of whack, so be conscious you are not skipping breakfast entirely. If you plan to head out for brunch later in the morning, try to have a quick snack when you get up. That way you won’t be starving when you sit down to brunch.

Get outdoors

Most of us spend our week indoors, so the weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Get a dose of vitamin D (sunlight), or simply take the time to switch off and connect with natural surroundings.

Make your social outings healthier

Instead of always spending your weekend catching up over drinks or take away pizza, why not catch up with a walk? Or invite your friends over to make a fresh, healthy dinner together? Better yet, meet up for a walk in the park or plan to run your errands together.

Plan for the coming week

If you are someone that likes to meal prep, afternoons off are your time to shine! Spending a little time in the kitchen on your day off can make the rest of your week run a little smoother. Making your own lunches and/or dinners means you have complete control, and it’s pretty convenient to have your meals ready! Sometimes you can even have fun experimenting.

Drink plenty of water

Keeping a bottle of water on your desk is a reminder to stay hydrated while you work. It can be hard to keep this up over the weekend, so try carrying a water bottle with you so that you have fresh water on hand throughout the day.

We probably all know how easy it is to let bad habits take over on a day off, whether it’s takeaway in front of the TV or a few too many glasses of wine. Try some of these suggestions to ‘healthy’ up your weekend and keep your good habits on track.

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