Do You Have Good Gym Etiquette?

Do You Have Good Gym Etiquette?


Do you have good gym etiquette

Most gyms have their own set of rules, but there are also general courtesies to be aware of. It’s easy to get caught up in your workout and forget there are other people around. Here’s some signs your gym manners could do with a little polishing.

Are you respectful of other users?

When you visit the gym, remember you are there to workout, just like everyone else. That means we all have to be mindful of each other. That’s really not too difficult! Most gym etiquette is common sense; tidy up after yourself, share the equipment and be polite. Simple.

During peak gym hours, equipment is usually in high demand. If you and your workout buddy are taking up more pieces of equipment than you can use at one time, you might get a few annoyed looks. After all, it is a bit frustrating to make people wait unnecessarily! On the other hand, let people have some breathing room when the gym isn’t busy. If there are plenty of free machines, leave a gap between you and the other person working out.

Are you mindful of your personal hygiene?

This isn’t gym-specific, but there is a lot more sweat to deal with during gym visits. Try to think of the people around you; deodorant and showering is a must to keep body odour under control.

For your own benefit, do a quick outfit check over before you hit the gym too. You’d probably be mortified to find those super cute shorts are showing a little more than you realise. Before debuting them at the gym, maybe check them out from a few different angles in private!

Do you value the equipment?

Your gym has invested a lot of money in the equipment you are using. If you are dropping weights, slamming equipment or generally being rough with it, you are being rude to your fellow gym goers and to the gym owner. Use it the way it’s meant to be used and everyone will be much happier.

Here’s a quick list of things to be mindful of at the gym:

  • Don’t leave sweat all over the machines — bring a sweat towel to each workout and wipe it down before you move on to the next piece of equipment.
  • Don’t take phone calls — everyone in the gym can hear your conversation, and it can be really disruptive!
  • Don’t leave weights lying around — unless someone has asked to use them right after you, pack the weights away once you’re finished.
  • Try not to interrupt someone’s set — it’s distracting and you don’t want to cause an injury.
  • Avoid showing up late to group classes if possible — it affects the whole class and is a bit rude to the instructor, so try to be on time.

General courtesy goes a long way when you’re in the gym. Being mindful that everyone is here for similar reasons can help make the gym a more enjoyable place to be, for everyone!

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