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Which SWEAT Program Is Best For You?

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Which SWEAT Program Is Best For You?
SWEAT Program

For those women who are thinking about starting with the SWEAT app, you might be wondering which program you should choose. To help you make an informed decision, here is a detailed overview of the SWEAT programs. 

Choose the one that best suits your fitness goals and lifestyle! Once you've selected a program, it's time to decide how to start working out!

No matter which program you choose, remember that consistency is the key to getting results. Make sure that you select a SWEAT program that you will enjoy and will be motivated to do. It is so much easier to work out when you really love it!

Workout programs in the SWEAT app

You can choose SWEAT programs for the gym or to get fit at home. Each of the programs has a unique training style so you can choose the one that will help you to achieve your current fitness goals. 

Here’s what each of the programs involves: 

Sweat Program

BBG Zero Equipment

This program from SWEAT trainer Kayla Itsines gives you the flexibility to train when and where it suits you best.

With NO equipment and minimal space required, you can work out at home, outside or in a park — so what are you waiting for?

With BBG Zero Equipment, you can train anywhere, at any time. 

Who is BBG Zero Equipment for?

BBG Zero Equipment is for women everywhere. It’s a program that is designed to be flexible so it will fit in with your lifestyle and routine. 

Want to try BBG Zero Equipment? You can do this Full Body Bootcamp workout.

What is included in BBG Zero Equipment?

BBG Zero Equipment is a new, 16-week full-body training program.

It is suitable for women of any fitness level, with four Beginner weeks of low-impact training, using bodyweight as resistance. 

If you’re new to training, these Beginner weeks will help you to build a fitness foundation.

From Week 1 of BBG Zero Equipment, the exercises gradually increase in complexity and build towards a more high-intensity style of training. 

There are six workouts to choose from every week and they vary in length from just under 15 minutes to 28 minutes. This flexibility gives you the option to do the workouts that best suit your lifestyle.

The BBG Zero Equipment workouts available each week are:

  • Full Body Circuit (28 minutes)

  • Full Body Bootcamp (28 minutes)

  • Arms & Abs (28 minutes)

  • Express Legs (12-13 minutes)

  • Express Abs (12-13 minutes)

  • Full Body Chair (28 minutes)

The Express Legs workouts are optional in Beginner weeks, and weeks 1-4, and part of the program for weeks 5-12. The Express Abs workout is optional for the full duration of the program, as is the Full Body Chair (which can be done using a chair at home, or a bench if you’re training at a park).

BBG Zero Equipment also includes low-intensity steady-state, or LISS cardio, and high-intensity cardio and recovery sessions you can do over the course of a week. One day per week is designated as a rest day.

Beginner weeks have three scheduled resistance workouts, as well as a low-intensity cardio session and a recovery session.

BBG Zero Equipment weeks 1-4 have three scheduled resistance workouts, two cardio sessions and a recovery session.

BBG Zero Equipment weeks 5-12 have four scheduled resistance workouts, as well as two cardio workouts and one recovery session. High-intensity cardio is introduced after week nine. 

What equipment will I need for BBG Zero Equipment?

Just as the name suggests, you don’t need any equipment for BBG Zero Equipment. 

You only need the space of a mat to do the BBG Zero Equipment workouts, but you don’t actually need a mat. You can do your workouts in small spaces in your home, or outdoors in a backyard or park. 

There is an optional Full Body Chair workout available throughout the program, and this can be done using a chair or outdoor bench if you are working out at a park. 

What will I achieve with BBG Zero Equipment?

If you are new to training or returning after a break, the BBG Zero Equipment Beginner weeks will build a foundation of fitness, and progress you from low-impact bodyweight exercises to the high-intensity training in the subsequent weeks of the program.

BBG Zero Equipment will help you to increase your overall strength, fitness and confidence. 



SWEAT trainer Kayla Itsines’ original workout program can be done anywhere and anytime! BBG can help you to increase your overall fitness, and is perfect for women who want to get fitter and stronger with short and effective workouts. BBG uses minimal equipment and it’s suitable for small spaces, so you can get started anywhere!

Who is BBG for?

The BBG program is a practical choice for those women who find it convenient to work out at home and is suitable if you are a fitness beginner, or if you’re ready for a new challenge.

If you want to get a taste of what BBG is like, try this HIIT workout!

What is included in BBG?

For those who are new to exercise or starting again after a break, BBG starts with eight Beginner weeks to build baseline fitness. The workouts contain lower-impact, lower-intensity exercises to build full-body strength to transition into BBG. 

In the first six weeks, there are two 28-minutes resistance sessions and one optional session: 

  • Lower Body
  • Full Body
  • Upper Body (Optional)

The first six weeks of BBG Beginner includes a 30-second rest within each circuit, as well as a 60-second rest between circuits to allow you to catch your breath as you build your fitness. There’s no jumping in the first four weeks, and low-impact jumping exercises are introduced from Week 5. 

In Weeks 7 and 8, you’ll do three resistance sessions to prepare you to start BBG! The BBG Beginner weeks also include two low-intensity cardio sessions, with an optional third cardio workout from Week 5. There’s also scheduled rest and active recovery which includes stretching and foam rolling.

If you complete the eight weeks and feel like you aren’t ready to begin BBG, you can do them again to build your confidence. 

From Week 1, the 28-minute BBG workouts have four high-intensity circuits, each seven minutes in length. There are three resistance workouts each week, as well as three low-intensity cardio sessions. 

From Week 9 onwards, you have the option to choose a high-intensity cardio workout as one of your cardio sessions. 

The circuits contain plyometric and bodyweight exercises that are designed to challenge you! Each exercise has a clear video demonstration of the correct form for each movement. You can take your time to complete the movement step-by-step with proper form, with guidance from the video and instructions.

The three resistance sessions for each week from Weeks 1 to 8, focus on:

  • Legs
  • Arms and Abs
  • Full Body 

After Week 9, muscle groups become isolated and appear as:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Abs 

BBG workouts give you the flexibility to complete your workouts anywhere —  this could be in your living room, backyard or at the park! 

The BBG program also contains two recovery sessions — one rest day and one active recovery. The active recovery session includes stretching and foam rolling to help reduce muscle soreness.  

What equipment will I need for BBG?

To get started with BBG, you’ll need: 

  • Yoga Mat
  • Dumbbell(s)
  • Chair
  • Skipping rope

If you don’t have all of this equipment, that’s okay! Lots of women who do BBG substitute household items for dumbbells — one option you could try is using empty milk cartons and filling them with sand or water. If you don’t have a skipping rope, you can do high knees or jumping jacks instead. If you don't have dumbbells, you can use household objects like empty milk cartons and fill them with water or sand.

There’s more equipment added from Week 25 (BBG 3.0). SWEAT’s member support team can assist with ideas to swap household items for equipment needed in these later weeks.

What will I achieve with BBG?  

BBG can help you to build your strength, confidence and fitness as part of a supportive community around the world. You can also create the habit of regular exercise and improve your overall health. 

If you want to measure how far you’ve come during the program, try a BBG challenge to test your fitness progress!

Kaylas Post Pregnancy

Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy

SWEAT Trainer Kayla Itsines’ Post-Pregnancy program is designed to help women rebuild strength and fitness after having a baby. 

Endorsed by a panel of leading obstetricians and exercise physiologists, this Post-Pregnancy program can assist new mums return to light exercise and rebuild their strength after giving birth. 

Who is Post-Pregnancy for?

Post-Pregnancy is for women who have recently and not-so-recently given birth and have clearance from their health professional to resume light exercise. The program provides women with guidance to rebuild their foundational strength, core stability and posture after having a baby.

It focuses on core strengthening exercises which are safe for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), with foundational weeks that are suitable for women who had a C-section birth, or symptoms of a weak pelvic floor. 

What is included in Post-Pregnancy?

Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy program has 16 weeks, including four foundational weeks that account for the different experiences a woman can go through during her birth. Post-Pregnancy uses minimal equipment, with workouts from 15-25 minutes that can be completed in the comfort of the home environment.

Post-Pregnancy uses lap-based circuits in the resistance sessions. You’ll complete the exercises at your own pace, focusing on maintaining correct form as you rebuild strength.  

The program recommends two to three resistance sessions each week, as well as low-intensity cardio and recovery. 

Throughout the program, the focus resistance sessions include:

  • Lower Body and Core
  • Upper Body and Core
  • Full Body (optional)

Each resistance workout starts with four mobility exercises to warm up and prepare your body for the circuits that follow.

The first four weeks of Post-Pregnancy are foundational weeks specifically designed for women who had a C-section birth, are experiencing weak pelvic floor symptoms or other post-birth complications.

The Post-Pregnancy program starts gently with two laps of three exercises per circuit in the foundational and first four weeks. From Week 4, there are four exercises and three laps.

There are also optional postural workouts to help relieve tension in the body.  These sessions focus on:

  • Upper Body Posture (optional)
  • Hip Strength (optional)
  • Lower Back Relief (optional)

These optional sessions will take just 10-15 minutes, focusing on foam rolling, stretching and strengthening. As the workouts are very low intensity, they do not require a warmup or cool down.

What equipment will I need for Post-Pregnancy?

Post-Pregnancy can be completed at home, or in the gym if you prefer. The equipment used includes:

  • Chair
  • Dumbbell(s)
  • Fitball
  • Foam Roller
  • Massage Ball
  • Recovery Band
  • Resistance Band
  • Step
  • Yoga Mat

What will I achieve with Post-Pregnancy?

Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy program can help women who have had a baby to return to exercise and rebuild strength. This program can be used to strengthen the body after pregnancy, relieve tension in common areas of concern, post-pregnancy, and assist new mothers to return to a regular exercise program. 

At the end of the Post-Pregnancy program, new mothers may choose to repeat the program from Week 4 or return to higher-intensity exercise such as BBG Beginner, with the guidance of their medical team. 

BBG Stronger

BBG Stronger

SWEAT Trainer Kayla Itsines’ BBG Stronger program is for women who want to train in the gym using her original training style. The 28-minute workouts combine resistance, strength and muscle building exercises to target different muscle groups.

Who is BBG Stronger for?

BBG Stronger program is for women who want to train in the gym and achieve increased strength and fitness. BBG Stronger is suitable for all experience levels, even fitness beginners or women who haven’t used gym equipment before and are keen to try. The short workouts are convenient for busy women without a lot of time to spend at the gym.

What is included in BBG Stronger? 

Just like BBG, the BBG Stronger workouts are divided into four circuits that are seven minutes in length, with a warmup and cool down to complete before and after the workout. The exercises are focussed around one key piece of large equipment, so you don’t need to secure multiple machines in the gym. 

The three resistance sessions for the beginner weeks and the first eight weeks of the program focus on:

  • Legs
  • Arms and Abs
  • Full Body 

After Week 9, the three resistance sessions focus on Legs, Arms and Abs, with an optional Full Body resistance workout.  

When starting the BBG Stronger program, it can help to check which equipment you’ll be using that day before your workout. Then, when you go to the gym you can get set up straight away. 

For those women who’ve never used gym equipment before, this program can help to build your confidence at the gym. Every exercise has detailed instructions and a video demonstration that can be followed to ensure that form is correct. 

There are four beginner weeks to get you started if you are new to this training style, and if you love BBG Stronger you can follow it for a full year of gym-based training!

At SWEAT, we believe that allowing your body time to recover between workouts is just as important as doing the workouts. There are two recovery sessions scheduled into your BBG Stronger program each week. On one day you can choose a 20-30 minute active recovery session and on the other take a rest day. 

If you need to modify the exercises, you can make the exercises easier, or if you want to challenge yourself, there are options to make them harder! You can take this program at your own pace, increasing the weight or number of laps of each circuit as you become fitter, stronger and more confident.

How do I know what weight to select?

Choose a weight that allows you to comfortably complete the four seven-minute circuits while still challenging yourself.  

What will I achieve with BBG Stronger?

This program is designed to help you build strength, fitness and confidence while establishing a regular exercise routine. The exposure of a gym-based program will also allow you to gain confidence using gym equipment. There is a year’s worth of training with BBG Stronger, allowing you to reach your longer term strength building goals with short, effective workouts. 

PWR Zero Equipment

PWR Zero Equipment

This no-equipment strength training program from SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells is designed to build strength and boost energy expenditure. 

Because it requires no equipment, you can train at the gym, at home, or in outdoor spaces, such as a park.

PWR Zero Equipment is designed to help you build lean muscle and increase strength in all areas of your body.

Who is PWR Zero Equipment for?

PWR Zero Equipment is for women who want to experience the transformational power of fitness.

If you’re ready to try this style of training, you can do this PWR Zero Equipment Express Glute workout.

What is included in PWR Zero Equipment?

PWR Zero Equipment is a 10-week full-body training program that uses bodyweight exercises.

The program includes four Beginner weeks to help you build your foundational fitness and become familiar with Kelsey’s style of training.

The Beginner weeks have three resistance workouts, but there are six workouts for you to choose from, so if you want to add extra training sessions, you can. There are also up to three cardio workouts (two are optional) and one recovery session each week.

After these four Beginner weeks, there are six weeks of progressive strength training. 

Weeks 1-6 have four recommended weekly workouts, with two optional Express workouts that you can use to meet your weekly training goals if you’re short on time and need to do quick workouts. There are also three cardio workouts (two are optional) and one recovery session every week.

The PWR Zero Equipment workouts available each week are: 

  • Upper body (25-35 minutes)
  • Lower Body (25-35 minutes)
  • Full Body (25-35 minutes)
  • Abs (25-35 minutes)
  • Express Glutes (15 minutes)
  • Express Abs (15 minutes)

What equipment will I need for PWR Zero Equipment?

You don’t need any equipment for PWR Zero Equipment. 

You may wish to train with a fitness or yoga mat, but you don’t need one for this program.

What will I achieve with PWR Zero Equipment?

If you are a fitness beginner or returning to training after a break, the four Beginner weeks of PWR Zero Equipment will build a foundation of fitness, and progress you to Kelsey’s no-equipment strength training in the subsequent six weeks of the program.

PWR Zero Equipment will help you to increase fitness, boost your metabolism and build lean muscle.



Kelsey Wells’ workout program is designed to help empower women through fitness. This gym-based program is designed to increase lean muscle and strength throughout your entire body! 

Those following PWR will use large equipment and machines, free weights, resistance and bodyweight exercises to pursue their fitness goals. 

Who is PWR for?

PWR is for women who want to sculpt lean muscle and increase strength through weight training. This program is designed to help you build inner strength through exercise and the incorporation of a healthy lifestyle. It’s made for women who want to be empowered through fitness. 

What is included in PWR?

PWR consists of a style of resistance training called ‘hypertrophy training’ which is designed to increase muscular strength and endurance. 

The beginner weeks of PWR introduce you to weights training with a full-body, upper-body and lower body workout each week. From Week 1 of PWR, workouts focus in Chest & Triceps, Legs & Abs, Back & Shoulders and Arms & Abs (Optional). 

Each week from Week 9 of PWR 1.0 to the end of PWR 3.0, you will complete resistance workouts that target: 

  • Chest and Triceps
  • Legs 
  • Back and Biceps
  • Shoulders and Abs 
  • Abs (optional)
  • Glutes and Hamstrings (optional)

In PWR 4.0, the resistance workouts target:

  • Chest and Triceps
  • Legs
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Glutes and Hamstrings
  • Arms and Abs (optional)
  • Abs (optional)

The program begins with three resistance workouts each week, increasing to four workouts in the later weeks. Just like the other SWEAT programs, there are two to three low-intensity or high-intensity cardio sessions, as well as two recovery sessions.

The resistance sessions start with a warmup, where you have a choice between doing cardio or cardio and movement. Following this is the Activation, which consists of two circuits to increase your heart rate and prepare you for heavier lifting later in the workout. 

Pyramid training focuses on three single exercises for three or four sets with decreasing reps, but increasing weight. Next up are time-based supersets or trisets in PWR 1.0 to 3.0, which change to lap-based supersets in PWR 4.0. From Week 5 of PWR 1.0, you can finish with an optional burnout before the cool down. 

How do I know what weight to select?

Start with a lighter weight and increase it gradually as your strength and confidence improve. For most of the exercises, a weight that represents a 7/10 in difficulty (where ‘1’ is very easy, and ‘10’ is extremely challenging) is appropriate. 

What will I achieve with PWR?

Kelsey has designed this program to help you unleash your power! During PWR, you will learn the technical skills of lifting weights as you gain confidence in the gym.

PWR can help you increase lean muscle mass and strength while improving your overall performance and energy levels.

PWR At Home

PWR at Home

For those women who love strength training but can’t get to a gym, Kelsey Wells’ PWR at Home program is for you! This program is designed to build overall strength and lean muscle, with targeted workouts for particular muscle groups.

Who is PWR at Home for?

PWR at Home is suitable for any fitness level, even if you’ve never done weight training before. This This 40-week weight training program is for women at any stage of life who want to empower themselves through fitness and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of exercise that comes from strength training at home.

What is included in PWR at Home? 

In the beginner weeks and the first four weeks of the PWR at Home program, there are three resistance workouts to complete. From Week 5, you will complete four weight-based workouts each week.

The resistance workouts for each week are: 

  • Chest and Triceps
  • Legs
  • Arms & Abs
  • Back and Shoulders 
  • Abs (Optional)

Resistance workouts take between 35-45 minutes to complete. Just like our other SWEAT programs, there are three recommended at-home cardio workouts — these decrease from Week 9 to only two sessions per week. You’ll also find one active recovery session for each week and one rest day. 

Each resistance workout starts with a warmup, followed by an Activation, a weights-based Circuit, Supersets and a Cool Down. From Week 5, you’ll also have the option todo burnouts at the end of the workout — the aim is to push you a little harder to maximise your results. 

What equipment will I need for PWR at Home?

While you can complete the workouts at home, you will need some basic equipment to help you increase your strength. The equipment chosen for PWR at Home includes items most home gym setups already have or are inexpensive to purchase. 

The equipment required includes:

  • Bench (Week 5 onwards)
  • Chair
  • Dumbbells
  • Fitball
  • Kettlebell
  • Long Resistance Band
  • Recovery Band
  • Resistance Band
  • Skipping Rope
  • Step
  • Weight Plate
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Yoga Mat  

What will I achieve with PWR at Home?

PWR at Home utilises a training style that will develop your muscular endurance and strength. This style of strength training is beneficial for gaining muscle and promoting fat loss. 

This program is an excellent choice for women who want to sculpt muscle and increase overall fitness in the comfort of their homes to find the best version of themselves! 

PWR Post-Pregnancy

PWR Post-Pregnancy

For the new mums experiencing this ever-changing journey, looking after your health is so crucial. This Post-Pregnancy program by SWEAT Trainer Kelsey Wells can assist women in improving their confidence and self-love for their body following pregnancy. Kelsey has a National Personal Training Association Postnatal Fitness Certification (NPTA PFC).

This program focuses on improving posture and regaining strength safely with low-impact exercises. The gentle workouts are designed specifically for women who are looking to get back into a regular fitness routine after having a child.

Who is PWR Post-Pregnancy for?

Before beginning PWR Post-Pregnancy, women must receive clearance from their doctor at their six-week checkup to participate in low-intensity exercise. It’s essential that you work closely with your health professional at this time, and that you are free from pain and soreness. 

You don’t need any previous workout experience to start this program, as it’s suitable for those who are new to fitness. 

What is included in PWR Post-Pregnancy?

The PWR Post-Pregnancy program is broken down into three stages to help you get back into the routine of regular exercise. The 28-minute workouts are designed to fit around the busy schedule new mothers have while giving you time to focus on your own needs. 

The post-natal training includes gentle warmups, low-impact workouts for abdominal, pelvic floor and full-body that can be done with or without equipment. 

The early weeks of the program focus on improving posture and core strength, and as you progress, exercises to help increase muscle tone and build strength are incorporated. 

There are a total of 24 weeks in the PWR Post-Pregnancy program. The first eight weeks, which include four beginner weeks and four weeks of the regular program, are focused on healing and restoring. At Week 5, the focus shifts to regaining strength. 

Here is how the program progresses:

Beginner weeks: 

  • One resistance workout, one optional resistance workout
  • Each circuit contains two exercises and two stretches
  • The primary focus is on the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor activation, and stretching muscles that may have become tight during pregnancy. 

Weeks 1-4: 

  • Two resistance workouts, one optional resistance workout
  • Each circuit contains three exercises and one stretch

Weeks 5-8:

  • Each circuit includes four exercises and no stretches

As in the other SWEAT programs, rest days and active recovery sessions allow your body adequate time to recover from training. There are options for active recovery focussing on the upper body, lower body and full body. 

When you reach the end of the program, you may wish to continue working out at home. You can repeat the program from Week 5 to continue to rebuild your overall strength and confidence. 

If you are up for the challenge, you may move on to another training program. It’s important to consult your doctor at this stage before starting a new exercise program post-pregnancy. 

What will I achieve with PWR Post-Pregnancy?

This program is designed to help you regain and strengthen your body through low-impact, low-intensity workouts. It can be used as a stepping stone to safely return to high-intensity exercise with the guidance of your medical team.



BAM (Body and Mind) is SWEAT Trainer Sjana Elise’s yoga program, designed to increase your flexibility and strength through a series of Vinyasa flows. With the SWEAT app you can begin yoga at home with just a yoga mat, the SWEAT app and your body. 

Who is BAM for?

This exercise program is suitable for yoga beginners or more experienced yogis looking for a convenient at-home practice. BAM is designed to help you feel capable, grounded and calm.

BAM allows you to change the pace of the workout with flows to suit your level of experience. In the workout Settings, you can choose to automatically transition through the poses to complete the sequences based on Sjana’s recommended timing, with the workout taking about 28-minutes. 

If you want to go at your own pace, you can turn off the automatic transitions in the workout Settings. Using this option, you can progress to the next pose, or go back a pose at any time by pressing the arrows or swiping across your device’s screen. You can hold a pose for longer or to progress more quickly as you feel necessary. 

What is included in BAM?

There are three to four resistance workouts, three low-intensity cardio sessions and two recovery sessions for each week of BAM. 

The resistance workouts begin with Sun Salutations, followed by Vinyasa flow, Standing Strength, Balance, Deep Stretching and finishing with Seated Stretching. 

The three resistance flows for each week focus on:

  • Heart Opener
  • Hip Opener
  • Hamstring Opener

Each workout takes about 28 minutes to complete, with audio cues to signal each transition and ensure a smooth flow. As you progress through your yoga journey, the focus areas expand to include Toning and Core Cultivation, with increasing to four workouts each week. 

For the active recovery workout, you can choose to complete 30 minutes of Yin yoga or foam rolling. Yin yoga is a series of gentle stretches that help your body and mind to relax, with each pose held for 30-180 seconds. There’s also a scheduled rest day each week. 

What will I achieve with BAM?

SWEAT’s BAM program is designed to help you feel strong, capable, grounded and calm. The Vinyasa-style workouts challenge your body and help to increase flexibility while also assisting with muscle recovery and relaxation.  



BUILD is a gym-based powerbuilding program that focuses on lifting heavy weights with correct technique while developing your muscle mass. Each specialised weight-lifting workout is designed to help develop discipline, strength and confidence on the journey to peak performance. 

Who is BUILD for?

This program is for those women who are serious about lifting and want a program designed to help them develop their strength, increase muscle mass and improve lifting performance. The primary lifts the program focuses on are the sumo deadlift, bench press and squat. The aim is to improve your 1RM or “one-rep max” over time. 

SWEAT Trainer Stephanie Sanzo's BUILD program is for those new to heavy lifting or those who already lift weights. While other SWEAT programs have just four beginner weeks, BUILD has 12 beginner weeks. During this time, you can learn the correct form and ensure the safe practice of powerlifting techniques. 

If you’ve never tried lifting heavy weights before, the BUILD program can help you to get started safely. Starting powerbuilding as a beginner means allowing for gradual strength development before attempting heavy squats or deadlifts. 

You’ll begin with lighter weights and ensure that you have the correct technique, allowing yourself to adapt physically and mentally to the new training style. 

What is included in BUILD? 

Here’s what you can expect at each stage of BUILD: 

Beginner Weeks 1-9

  • Three full-body resistance workouts, plus an optional high-intensity workout from Weeks 4-9;
  • Two low-intensity cardio sessions.

After Beginner Week 10 you will progress to:

  • Two upper-body resistance workouts
  • Two lower body resistance workouts
  • Two low-intensity cardio sessions
  • Optional resistance workouts in the later weeks for experienced lifters

Each resistance workout will take around 50-60 minutes to complete, and includes a warmup and cool down session. During the first nine beginner weeks, you will build a solid foundation through traditional set training. An optional bodyweight circuit is provided from Week 4 to help improve fitness. 

From Week 10 of the beginner program, the workouts progress to a mix of set training and supersets centred around one of the primary movements — sumo deadlift, squat or bench press. 

Time for recovery is critical for a powerbuilding program, and there are two recovery sessions to complete each week during the entire BUILD program

How do I know what weight to select?

Before beginning BUILD 1.0, you will be asked to complete a 1RM assessment. This test will provide the weight recommendations for key lifts in the program, including the sumo deadlift, bench press and squat. Where there is no 1RM value provided, you will follow an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to help guide you in selecting the weight. 

What will I achieve with BUILD?

BUILD can help you to develop the discipline needed to reach your goals, and a sense of accomplishment when you achieve them. Powerbuilding can help you to increase both muscle mass and strength to improve your performance in the gym. 



LIFTING at Home by SWEAT Trainer Stephanie Sanzo brings weight training into the home environment. Using a few key pieces of home gym equipment, each workout will guide you to develop and refine the key movement patterns of weight lifting, maintain muscle size and build core strength.

Who is LIFTING at Home for?

LIFTING at Home is for anyone who wants to incorporate strength and weight training into their routine, in a home environment. It’s suitable for women who are less experienced with bodybuilding and powerlifting training techniques. If you’re already completing BUILD or another form of gym-based weight-lifting, LIFTING at Home provides an option for training at-home so that you can maintain your progress even when you can’t make it to the gym.

To do this program, you’ll need a few pieces of at-home gym equipment, including a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and a resistance band. 

What’s included in LIFTING at Home?

LIFTING at Home is a 19-week program, with three 30-40 minute resistance workouts scheduled each week. If you are new to lifting, there are four Foundational Weeks. Then, from Week 1 of LIFTING at Home, you’ll find an optional barbell workout you can do if you have a well-equipped home gym set up — or ask the SWEAT Support team for equipment substitution ideas.

The workouts are made up of supersets, beginning with larger compound exercises, followed by supersets of accessory exercises for the target muscle groups, to increase muscular fatigue. In each workout, you’ll target a different area of the body, training each specific area to optimise your strength gains. So many of the SWEAT community have asked for more core-specific training, so to finish each workout, there is a core-focused bodyweight superset.

Foundation Weeks 1-4

  • 1 x Upper Body resistance session
  • 1 x Lower Body resistance session
  • 1 x Full Body resistance session

Weeks 1-6

  • 1 x Upper Body resistance session
  • 1 x Lower Body resistance session
  • 1 x Full Body resistance session
  • 1 x Barbell resistance session (optional)

Weeks 7-15

  • 2 x Upper Body resistance session
  • 1 x Quads & Hamstrings resistance session
  • 1 x Glutes resistance session
  • 1 x Glute Burn resistance session (optional)

With every training program, but especially a weight-lifting program, your rest and recovery are just as important as the training you do. In each week of LIFTING at Home, you’ll find one scheduled active recovery session and one rest day.

There’s also a low-intensity cardio workout scheduled each week, which helps to improve blood flow and circulation to your working muscles amongst other cardiovascular benefits, when combined with your strength training at home. 

In the four Foundational Weeks, each workout begins with a tri-set and two supersets focusing on the target area, and finishing with a core superset. From Week 1, the workout structure changes to three targeted supersets and a core superset. You’ll do three laps of each set, followed by one minute of rest— you can use this time to set up your equipment for the next set and take a sip of water. Each workout includes burnouts to keep challenging you. 

There’s an optional barbell workout during Weeks 1-6 consisting of three strength sets of barbell exercises, finishing with a core strength exercise for the last set. 

During Weeks 7-15, the total number of exercises in target area workouts will increase every three weeks to ensure that you continue to gain strength and muscle.

Before every workout, it’s recommended that you warm up properly, using the warm-up supplied, and once you’ve completed the lifts in the workout, you’ll find a cool down to promote recovery and lengthen and stretch the muscles you have just trained. 

How do I know what weight to select?

To select your weight for LIFTING at Home, you can use your rate of perceived exertion, or RPE

If you’re unsure, choose a lighter weight and increase it until you find a difficulty of 7-8 for the full number of repetitions in each set. 

What will I achieve with LIFTING at Home?

With LIFTING at Home, you can get your strength training done at home. For those who are already doing strength training, this program gives you an option to maintain your strength and muscle volume, even when you can’t get to the gym. 

For those new to strength training, this program guides you to start training from home. If you’ve wanted to lift weights at the gym but don’t have the confidence yet, LIFTING at Home can be a great way for you to develop the correct technique and build your strength, from home!  

LIFTING at Home will also increase your core strength and stability, providing a strong foundation for other training styles. 

FIERCE Zero Equipment

FIERCE Zero Equipment

This high-intensity training program from SWEAT trainer Chontel Duncan is designed to improve fitness and increase strength.

It is a no-equipment program, which means it can be done at the gym, at home, or in outdoor spaces — anywhere with enough room for a fitness or yoga mat and your body. 

Who is FIERCE Zero Equipment for?

FIERCE Zero Equipment is for women who want to try Chontel Duncan’s high-intensity interval training style.

If you’re ready to try FIERCE Zero Equipment, you can do this Full-Body Strength workout.

Get ready to unleash your inner warrior!

What is included in FIERCE Zero Equipment?

FIERCE Zero Equipment is a new 10-week full-body training program.

The program includes four Beginner weeks which are designed to build your fitness and strength so you’re ready for the subsequent six weeks of FIERCE Zero Equipment.

The Beginner weeks start with three resistance workouts each week, and there are two cardio workouts and one recovery session.

Weeks 1-6 have four recommended weekly workouts. There are optional Express workouts available each week if you are short on time but still want to meet your training goals. During these weeks it is recommended you complete three cardio workouts (one is optional) and one recovery session.

The FIERCE Zero Equipment workouts to choose from each week are: 

  • Full Body Strength (25-35 minutes)
  • AMRAP (36 minutes)
  • Tabata (28 minutes)
  • Express Abs (15 minutes)
  • Express HIIT (15 minutes)

What equipment will I need for FIERCE Zero Equipment?

As the name implies, you don’t need any equipment for FIERCE Zero Equipment. 

If you have a fitness or yoga mat, you can use it for workouts, but the workouts have been designed so they can be completed anywhere, using no equipment — if you don’t have a mat you can use a towel instead. 

What will I achieve with FIERCE Zero Equipment?

If you are new to training or returning after a break, the FIERCE Zero Equipment Beginner weeks will build a fitness base, and progress you to a combination of strength training and high-intensity interval training in the following weeks of the program.

FIERCE Zero Equipment will help you to increase your strength and supercharge your fitness — with absolutely no gym gear required!



Chontel Duncan’s FIERCE program combines strength with high-intensity training. Her unique training style can help you reduce body fat while increasing strength and lean muscle mass.

The program focuses on improving overall fitness through a variety of training styles so that you’ll never get bored! 

FIERCE draws influence from boxing and functional training and uses a range of machine weights, free weights and bodyweight exercises to help you to get stronger inside and out. 

Who is FIERCE for?

FIERCE is for women who want to feel strong and unleash their inner warrior. The range of training styles used throughout the program will keep workouts exciting. 

The FIERCE workouts combine strength training with high-intensity circuit-style training to build cardiovascular fitness. You will enjoy this program if you don’t like to train continuously the same way each session. 

What is included in FIERCE?

Each week of the FIERCE program includes: 

  • Three resistance sessions, increasing to four in the later weeks. 
  • Two to three cardio sessions
  • Two active recovery sessions

Be prepared for every workout to be different! Strength workouts, which focus on full-body, upper body and lower body, contain supersets and circuits. The high-intensity workouts focus on the full body and include circuit training, Tabata and AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) workouts. 

The key to getting the most out of FIERCE is to be consistent with your training! You are capable of reaching your goals with the right support network and a dedicated, consistent approach to training. Reaching out to the SWEAT Community through the Forum, and following SWEAT and Chontel on social media can give you the fitness motivation you need when the going gets tough.

What will I achieve with FIERCE?

During FIERCE, you can build strength, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle and cardiovascular fitness. The holistic training approach can improve your fitness in all areas.

FIERCE at Home

FIERCE at Home enables you to train like a warrior, with strength and high-intensity workouts that you can do at home! Designed for the unpredictable modern life, Chontel Duncan created this program to provide you with options to keep you moving towards your fitness goals. 

This 28-week program includes four Beginner weeks. It provides high-intensity training and strength workouts for constant variety, inspired by Muay Thai-style training.

Who is FIERCE at Home for?

FIERCE at Home is for women who want to unleash their inner warrior while maintaining the flexibility to fit their training around their other commitments by working out at home. 

What is included in FIERCE at Home?

Each week of the FIERCE at Home Program includes: 

  • Three resistance sessions, increasing to four in the later weeks
  • Two to three cardio sessions
  • Two active recovery sessions

The workouts include several training styles for variety so you stay motivated for a new challenge in each workout. You will find strength, high-intensity exercises, boxing and Muay Thai workouts designed to create a holistic approach to training. 

What will I achieve with FIERCE at Home?

FIERCE at Home is designed to help you to increase strength, lean muscle and cardiovascular fitness with training that complements your lifestyle. With FIERCE at Home, you can improve your fitness in all areas. Each workout will leave you feeling as though you’ve achieved something for yourself, and you are ready to face whatever life brings your way. 

SWEAT Programs Overview

Each program has optional workouts that can be completed in addition to the number of weekly workouts listed below.

What SWEAT Program To Choose

Choose the SWEAT program that suits you

After reading this article, you have probably narrowed your choice down to one or two programs that you would like to try. 

One of the best things about SWEAT is that you never have to train alone! When you work out with SWEAT, you are part of a global community of women who also share your goals. 

Our trainers share regular workout tips to help you through their programs and keep you inspired on your fitness journey. 

Still not sure which workout program is right for you? Check out the SWEAT Community for tips and inspiration! 

What is your favourite SWEAT program? Let us know in the comments below! 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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