We Did It! Highlights From The 2020 SWEAT Challenge

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We Did It! Highlights From The 2020 SWEAT Challenge
Sweat Challenge Achievements

Congratulations, SWEAT Community! Over six weeks we set goals and sweat it out together. Through the ups and downs, you supported each other and you did it!

Be proud of what you’ve achieved!

During six weeks we worked out in 155 countries around the world! With your SWEAT Trainer, you completed your workouts, shared the struggle and hit your goals as we started 2020 stronger together.  

We came together and committed

When you first signed up for the SWEAT Challenge, six weeks might have seemed like a long time to commit to your fitness goals. You challenged yourself and pushed through each week! For some of you, this was the first challenge you’ve completed. You were patient and persistent, and you made the promise to keep showing up. During the first week of the challenge, you connected to the community and put in place the discipline that would carry you through the full six weeks. 

FIERCE trainer Chontel Duncan’s highlight was seeing everyone smash out their first week! “It was wonderful to see how proud you all were of yourselves and how supportive the community were to one another.”

We found discipline and challenged ourselves

It was sometimes hard to find the motivation to exercise after work, or after the family were all asleep, but you did it! Some of you even got your families involved with at-home workouts or having a family member join in and do the workout with you. 

When you were afraid to step into the weights area and use the cables and other large machines, you were fearless and you did it!

For the ladies doing FIERCE, your response to the core finisher that was added to the workouts was so positive! You pushed yourselves and smashed it out every day, which was incredibly motivating. 

@MommaMindy: “I picked the “Challenge me” stream, and at first felt it was easy but the last two weeks have been anything but easy! Nervous excited for this week!”

Six Weeks

We learned from each other

During the SWEAT Challenge, you had the chance to ask your trainer the questions you had about training, the programs and how to balance fitness with your lifestyle. 

So many great tips and ideas were shared! Here are just a few things we learned: 

@GuiliaCuz asked: “Hi Kayla, I was wondering whether my heart rate should be really high throughout the entire workout? I'm currently having to work really hard to get my heart rate up during the workouts! I'm doing BBG :)”

Kayla Itsines said: “I wouldn't focus too much on looking at your heart rate, I would focus on getting your 'SWEAT' up and making sure you have a good workout.”

@vanessa_fulton asked Kelsey Wells: “How do you make sure you’re eating a balanced meal, especially when you don’t always have time to sit down and eat?”

Kelsey’s recommendation from her own experience was: “I focus on ALWAYS making sure every meal has a good source of protein and VEGGIES. Other than that I mostly opt for complex carbs, and fruit for my sweet tooth. If you are hydrating properly and eating a lot of veggies and adequate protein, you are doing AMAZING. Don't stress too much about it, stress/guilt is the WORST thing for your diet :).”

@Akazukin asked: “Hi again Chontel! Need your wisdom please! I will be traveling for 4 days in mid-Feb and will be on the road most of the time. The only facility where I can do low-intensity cardio is the pool and to my horror, there is no gym in sight, even after I checked other hotels in the area. In situations like this - may I ask how to modify the Full Body and the Back/Shoulder if I can only use my body weight and things inside the hotel room to workout please? I'm on a great momentum at the moment so I don't want to miss a gym day. Thanks!”

Chontel replied: “Hey babe, this is tricky. Hopefully you brought some equipment along with you?

Skipping is a great alternative, try starting your workouts or day off with 5-6mins of straight skipping. Best way to combat the 'no gym' part when trying to do the challenge (without knowing what equipment you have on you), is you stick to the same format (don’t worry about trying to do that specific body part, that will prove to be too difficult) and choose exercises you can do. For example you might have 12 seated cable rows to complete, your alternative could be 12 release burpees. Don't stress about it not being the exact movement, just keep moving.”

@ashlee06 asked: ”If you cannot get all 3 machines with busy gym for tri set, what do you recommend?”

Stephanie Sanzo replied: “My suggestion would be to simply change the exercise with a similar movement pattern.

So for example... if you were scheduled to do bicep curls with the cable machine but the cable machine was unavailable - then you could substitute the cable for dumbbells or a barbell.

As long as it's working the same muscle group and using a similar movement pattern - then substituting exercises in this circumstance is perfectly fine! Xx”

We supported each other

When you got sick or missed part of the challenge for any other reason, you supported and encouraged each other. You were patient and took your health seriously, caring for your body so you could get back into your workouts. 

When you felt discouraged, you supported each other and lifted each other up.

You shared your healthy eating tips with each other to put healthy habits in place as we finished the challenge strong! 

Sweat Challenge

We celebrated our wins together 

For those who’ve been with SWEAT for a while, you shared your progress and celebrated your wins with the community! 

Whether you’ve learned how to do a new exercise, started a new habit or discovered motivation you didn’t know you had, your achievements are amplified when you share them with women going through a similar journey!

“After starting BUILD I have seen so much improvement in my glute strength … and that strength has carried over to other lifts!” @sabsbobat

I'm doing the BAM 'challenge me' option. Totally out of my comfort zone and I have loved every minute of it. I have incorporated quick workouts and challenges from the other trainers as yoga isn't the high impact training I'm used to and I feel great. Not only touch my toes but can put my hands on the floor, my hamstrings finally love me after years of cardio!! @Kymberliegh

I did the PWR at Home challenge me challenge. It was about as difficult as I expected, and I agree the last two weeks have been harder, though today’s legs were killer!! Feeling pretty good and stronger too 💪 @Makaylan

We will keep going strong together

Now that the challenge is over, you don’t have to wait for the next challenge to continue your training. You can keep going towards your health and fitness goals!

What to do after the SWEAT Challenge

At the end of the SWEAT Challenge, you can choose to continue with the program you’ve been doing, or you can choose another SWEAT program. If you’ve been training with SWEAT for a while, you can pick up your program where you left off. 

For those of you who are new to SWEAT, here’s what we recommend after the Challenge. 

For Kayla’s programs: 

  • If you did BBG Starting out, try BBG Beginner Week 5
  • If you did BBG Challenge me, try BBG 1.0 Week 1
  • If you did BBG Stronger Starting out, try BBG Stronger Beginner Week 1
  • If you did BBG Stronger Challenge me, try BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 1 

For Kelsey’s programs: 

  • If you did PWR at Home Starting out, try PWR at Home Beginner Week 1
  • If you did PWR at Home Challenge me, try PWR at Home 1.0 Week 1
  • If you did PWR Starting out, try PWR Beginner Week 1
  • If you did PWR Challenge me, try PWR 1.0 Week 1

For Chontel’s program: 

  • If you did FIERCE Starting out, try FIERCE Beginner Week 1
  • If you did FIERCE Challenge me, try FIERCE 1.0 Week 1

For Steph’s program: 

  • If you did BUILD Starting out, try BUILD Beginner Week 1
  • If you did BUILD Challenge me, try BUILD 1.0 Week 1

For Sjana’s program: 

  • If you did BAM Starting out, try Week 1 BAM Beginner
  • If your did BAM Challenge me, try Week BAM 1.0 Week 1

Remember that you can always change your program week in the SWEAT app by tapping your profile and ‘Manage My Program’. 

And if you have any questions or concerns, the SWEAT team are here to help! 

Join the community to keep your momentum going!

If you haven’t already started using the SWEAT Forum we’d love to have you join in. Here you can share your fitness journey and connect with women training all over the world.  

It’s been so amazing to have all of you join us for the exclusive SWEAT Challenge! 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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