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We Did It! Highlights From The Sweat Challenge

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We Did It! Highlights From The Sweat Challenge
Sweat Challenge Achievements

Congratulations, Sweat Community! Over the last six weeks we started the year strong, set our fitness goals and came together to Sweat. Through the ups and downs, you supported each other and completed the Sweat Challenge!

Be proud of what you’ve achieved!

From January 9 almost 70,000 of us participated in the Sweat Challenge! There were members of the Sweat Community from 201 countries who completed over 625,000 workouts! With your Sweat Trainer, you completed rep after rep, sharing your struggles and go-to tips for digging deep and achieving your goals as we started 2023 feeling stronger together.

We came together and committed

When you first signed up for the Sweat Challenge, six weeks might have seemed like a long time to commit to your fitness goals, but you challenged yourself and pushed through each week! 

For some of you, this was the first challenge you’ve completed and we applaud you. You were patient and persistent, and you made the promise to keep showing up. 

For Sweat Trainer Cass Olholm, who spent most of the Sweat Challenge nursing her baby bump (the first Sweat Challenge she hasn’t completed alongside her community), it was incredible to watch from the sidelines and see so many women from all walks of life find the strength to keep going even when things were tough. 

“Nothing makes me more proud and excited to watch you commit to yourself, push yourself, and subsequently surprise yourself when you achieve things you never thought were possible. Go after it, team!”

We found discipline and challenged ourselves

It was sometimes hard to find the motivation to exercise after work, after the family were all asleep, or simply on those days when you’re feeling the fatigue that can come with getting back into a routine, but you did it! Some of you even got your families and friends involved with at-home or virtual workouts. 

When you were afraid to step into the weights area and use the cables and other large machines, you were fearless and you did it! You pushed yourselves, smashed your weekly sessions and inspired the Sweat Community! 

Three weeks into the Sweat Challenge, Jamie ( shared about how much her life had changed for the better, thanks to her workout buddy. “If you would have told me a few years ago that @courtchamberlin would have met me at 4 am to go workout I would have laughed at you. Now we are planning out our weeks to get these workouts done together - even when they include her least fave exercise: BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS.”

@phoen_nix.v missed a couple of weeks (we’ve all been there), but she powered through and came back to finish strong! “I thought I shouldn’t continue since I missed two weeks but then I remembered my goal. Do not give up. Show up whenever you can. So here I am. A big thanks to all who supported and inspired me!”

We learned from each other

During the Sweat Challenge, you could follow your favourite trainers on Instagram for updates, exercise demos and all sorts of motivational talks and tips to help you feel motivated, informed and ready to achieve your goals. 

So many great tips and ideas were shared! Here are just a few things we learned: 

When asked about whether your heart rate should be really high throughout your entire workout, Kayla Itsines said: “I wouldn't focus too much on looking at your heart rate, I would focus on getting your 'Sweat' up and making sure you have a good workout.”

Kelsey Wells was asked for her advice on making sure you’re eating a balanced meal, especially when you don’t always have time to sit down and eat.

Based on her own experience, Kelsey shared: “I focus on ALWAYS making sure every meal has a good source of protein and VEGGIES. Other than that I mostly opt for complex carbs, and fruit for my sweet tooth. If you are hydrating properly and eating a lot of veggies and adequate protein, you are doing AMAZING. Don't stress too much about it, stress/guilt is the WORST thing for your diet :).”

If the Sweat Challenge didn’t go quite how you planned or you experienced a couple of curveballs along the way, Brit had some amazing wisdom to keep your spirits up. 

“I know that everything hasn’t been perfect, I’m sure there’s been hurdles and days you’ve missed and things you haven’t planned, but do not lose that momentum. Consistency is more important than the intensity you're putting in every single workout. So instead of focusing on having the best possible workout every single day, just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and getting every single workout done to the best of your abilities.”

We also asked you for your best Sweat Challenge tips, and discovered some absolute gold worth sharing.

We supported each other

Whether you got sick or missed part of the challenge for any other reason, or experienced moments of self-doubt, the Sweat Community supported and encouraged each other. 

You were patient and took your health seriously, caring for your body so you could get back into your workouts because you know you’re in this for the long game. 

You recognised that healthy habits are about so much more than how you train, sharing your healthy eating tips with each other as we finished the challenge strong!

We celebrated our wins together 

For those who’ve been with Sweat for a while, we loved to see you sharing your progress and celebrating your wins with the community! 

Whether you’ve tried a new training style, started a new habit or discovered motivation you didn’t know you had, your achievements are amplified when you share them with women going through a similar journey!

“You dream, you plan and you reach,” @tracys_pwr_journey shared on Instagram, reflecting on everything that can get in your way and try to set you back. “There will always be obstacles, doubters and there will be mistakes. But, with hard work, belief, confidence and trust in yourself, there are no limits.”

We will keep going strong together

Now that this Sweat Challenge is over, you don’t have to wait for the next challenge to continue your training. You can keep going towards your health and fitness goals (or set new ones!) and build on your progress. You've got this!

What to do after the Sweat Challenge

Before you even think about the next step in your fitness journey, take a moment to feel proud of how far you’ve come and take some rest if you need it. This is the time to celebrate your achievements!

When you’re ready to continue, you can choose to keep going with the training style you’ve been doing or choose another Sweat program. If you’ve been training with Sweat for a while, you can pick up your previous program where you left off. 

For those of you who are new to Sweat and want to keep going with your Sweat Challenge trainer or a similar training style, take a look at these programs.

Remember that you can always change your program week in the Sweat app by tapping your profile and ‘Manage My Program’. If you like to mix up your training style, you can access more than 8,500 workouts in the On Demand tab.

And if you have any questions or concerns, the Sweat team are here to help!

Join the community to keep your momentum going!

If you haven’t already started using the Sweat Forum we’d love to have you join in. Here you can share your fitness journey, ask or reply to questions, and connect with women training all over the world.  

It’s been so amazing to have all of you join us for the 6-weekSweat Challenge and we hope you take some time to celebrate your achievements! We would love to know, what are you planning on next?

* Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. Sweat assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.

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