How To Start Working Out In The Morning

How To Start Working Out In The Morning


How To Start Working Out In The Morning

I’ll admit it. I hate getting up in the morning. I know that sounds extremely negative, but I’m just a girl that really, really loves her sleep. For the longest time, I waited until after work to get my workout in, but I quickly realized how much harder that made it for me to stick with consistent exercise. Something always came up after work or I was simply too exhausted from a long workday to motivate myself to go to the gym. The thing is, I found that pushing my workout off until the end of the day gave me way too much time to talk myself out of working out. The few times I actually did get up and workout first thing, I found that I had more energy, felt great, and found it easier to stay on track with my diet. That being said, I’m still working on making morning workouts part of my every day routine, because changes like this take time… but I wanted to give my fellow night owls some tips on how to transition to an early bird.


1. Go To Bed Early

I know it sounds simple, but this is really important. There is just no way you can begin to get up early unless you’re getting enough sleep. A great way to start doing this is to turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try reading or sleep sounds – that’s what’s really helped me! Once you’re on a sleep schedule, it will be much easier to stick to early bed times and early wake up calls.


2. Get Up & Wash Your Face

We’ve all been there… our alarm goes off and we contemplate snoozing and falling back asleep for another x amount of minutes. Instead, as soon as that annoying beep goes off, get up and head straight to the bathroom. Splash water on your face or use a face wipe to wake up your skin. I promise, this works. After I do this, I’m up and ready to start my day!


3. Pre Workout Is Your Friend

I know this may be controversial and if you don’t like pre workout or you can’t have it – then disregard this point, but I’ve found that by using pre-workout for my morning workouts it gives me the extra jumpstart I need to get moving. I’ve been using a non-stimulant pre- workout that does not have caffeine in it and it’s been great – just do some research to find out what works best for you!


4. Start Small 

For those of you like me that really struggle waking up in the morning, start with small goals. That means trying to get up early 2/5 days during your first week. This way you’re not discouraged if you don’t smash that goal right away. Remember, changes like this take time to adjust to!

Once you start to realize the benefits of early morning workouts, I think you will find it easier to follow through with. I’ve gained hours in my days, have more energy, more focus, and feel healthier overall. If you use any of my tips, please let me know and feel free to follow along at @erikacweiss to see my morning workout progress & let me know what tips you may have!!

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