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How To Prepare For The Sweat Challenge

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How To Prepare For The Sweat Challenge
how to prepare for the sweat challenge

So you’ve decided to join thousands of women around the world for the Sweat Challenge? Woohoo! We’re so glad to have you here and can’t wait to get started on Monday, 20 June. 

No matter where you’re at on your fitness journey, the Sweat Challenge is the perfect opportunity to have some fun, work towards your goals and make a commitment to your health. 

Before the Sweat Challenge begins, here are a few things that might help you get ready to smash the six weeks ahead. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be nervous about. Your chosen Sweat Trainer and the Sweat Community will be cheering you on every step of the way. You’ve got this!

Register and select your program

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve registered for the Sweat Challenge in the Sweat app and selected your program and difficulty level. 

There are 16 exclusive programs available from Sweat’s world-class trainers that cover a range of  training styles, and you can choose from the “Let’s Do This!” or “Challenge Me” options depending on your fitness level. 

Get familiar with the Sweat app

If you’re new to the Sweat app, have a look through the different tabs to get familiar with how to use it. The Planner tool is going to be especially helpful for planning your weekly workouts and recovery days around your other commitments. You can also click the Community tab to see helpful articles or be part of community discussions in the forum!

Are you ready to Sweat?

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your workouts and recovery, such as workout clothes, shoes, a drink bottle and headphones. 

If you’re working out at home, you might need a few pieces of equipment like dumbbells, yoga mat, a resistance band or foam roller depending on your program. If you’re going to complete your Sweat Challenge program in the gym, check out these gym bag essentials, make sure your membership is ready to go and get familiar with the facilities. 

Here’s a breakdown of the equipment needed for each Sweat Challenge program, with the four brand NEW programs listed at the top:

  • Low Impact Barre Strength Challenge With Britany Williams:
    Dumbbells, chair, resistance band (small loop)
  • Strength & Performance Challenge With Cass Olholm:
    Barbells, weight plates, kettlebells, rings/TRX, chin-up bar, plyometric box, dumbbells, wall balls, skipping rope 
  • Strength & HIIT Challenge With Chontel Duncan:
    Dumbbells, chair
  • Express Strength & HIIT With Kayla Itsines:
    Dumbbells, chair
  • High Intensity Challenge With Kayla Itsines:
    Dumbbells, resistance band, chair, skipping rope
  • High Intensity Zero Equipment Challenge With Kayla Itsines:
    No equipment required
  • Low Impact Challenge With Kayla Itsines
    Dumbbells, chair
  • FIERCE Challenge With Chontel Duncan:
    This is a gym-based program
  • FIERCE At Home Challenge With Chontel Duncan:
    Resistance band (short loop), chair, dumbbells, skipping rope, step, kettlebell
  • PWR At Home Challenge With Kelsey Wells:
    Resistance bands (long/short loop), recovery band, bench, dumbbells, skipping rope
  • PWR Challenge With Kelsey Wells:
    This is a gym-based program
  • High Intensity Strength Challenge With Cass Olholm:
    Dumbbells (ideally 1x heavy set and 1x light set), kettlebell, skipping rope
  • LIFTING At Home Challenge:
    Dumbbells, resistance band, kettlebell, bench
  • BUILD Challenge:
    This is a gym-based program
  • HIIT Boxing Challenge With Monica Jones:
    Skipping rope
how to prepare for the sweat challenge

Connect with the Sweat Community

As well as engaging in the forum, you can follow @Sweat and your trainer on Instagram for tips, videos, encouragement and laughs, or to connect with other women from around the world! 

Keen to share your journey and get to know other women in the Sweat Community? Many Sweat members have Instagram accounts they use to  share their health and fitness journeys if that’s your thing! 

Let your goals lead the way

Each Sweat Challenge program comes with a weekly workout goal to help guide and structure your week, but your goals might be different. What do YOU want to get out of the Sweat Challenge? What goals will keep YOU motivated

Have a think about how many workouts you want to complete each week or what you want to see improve, such as your cardio fitness, strength, confidence, overall wellbeing, or commitment to your health. Having a clear direction before you start will help keep you going on the days when you feel less motivated.

Nutrition is key

Fueling your body with nutritious foods plays a big part in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, and during the Sweat Challenge you’re going to have more energy for your workouts and improve your recovery if you’re keeping your body nourished and hydrated

Everyone has different preferences, budgets and time available, so decide what will help set YOU up each week to eat well and do what you can to get ready for week one. 

That could mean doing a weekly food shop, making a list of meals or doing some meal prep, choosing some sources of protein you like to eat, or aiming to have more vegetables on your plate. 

Find your support crew

Creating new healthy habits is exciting and feels great, but it can be tough at times. Find someone encouraging who you trust and let them know your goals for the Sweat Challenge, and where you might need their support. 

If being held accountable is a big motivator for you, you could ask them to send you a weekly message checking how many workouts you’ve completed or how you’re tracking towards your goals. If you find it hard to stay motivated, maybe a few encouraging texts throughout the week would keep your spirits up! 

Finding a workout buddy is another great way to create some accountability and make your workouts more fun - this can either be in person or virtually!

Know the signs of improvement

When you’re participating in the Sweat Challenge, it’s normal to want to see some kind of progress or results, and those changes can often be a big motivator. Keep in mind, not all improvements are physical or visible in a mirror! 

Check out this article on eight signs your fitness is improving, such as better sleep, more energy, enjoying healthy food more, feeling stronger, or having your friends and family notice changes.  

Get moving

Haven’t worked out in a while? In the days or weeks leading up to the start of the Sweat Challenge, it’s a good idea to start adding some more movement into your daily routine like walking, cycling, jogging and stretching to prepare your body for the regular movement to come. Let’s go!

Have you done a Sweat Challenge before and have tips of your own for how to prepare? Share them with the Sweat Community in the comments below!

* Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. Sweat assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.

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