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What Is The SWEAT Challenge?

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What Is The SWEAT Challenge?
SWEAT Challenge 2020 At Home

As the SWEAT Community continues to go through an unprecedented time — where at a minimum our regular routines have been turned upside down — we’ve prepared a new fitness challenge to help women everywhere stay active and connected through fitness.

The new six-week SWEAT Challenge is a chance to join women from all over the world, as we unite to stay stronger, together.

The 2020 SWEAT Challenge starts on Monday, June 8, 2020 and runs until Sunday, July 19, 2020. Join us for six weeks of exclusive at-home workouts and be part of the supportive, global SWEAT Community.  

Find out: 

Who is the SWEAT Challenge for?

The SWEAT Challenge is for women everywhere, of all fitness levels. Each SWEAT Challenge program has two at-home workout streams you can choose from — whether you want to train with no equipment using just your bodyweight, or you have some home gym equipment to use for your workouts. 

Choose “No-equipment” to do bodyweight workouts in the training style you’d like to follow. 

The “Equipment” is an option for anyone who has some basic home gym equipment that includes dumbbells and a resistance band. 

To do Steph’s LIFTING at Home program, you will need to have some at-home gym equipment, including dumbbells and a resistance band. Choose the “Starting Out” stream if you are new to this training style, or “Challenge Me” if you’ve been doing strength training for a while and want to maintain your muscle mass. 

Guided by your SWEAT trainer, you’ll complete six weeks of at-home workouts that are only available during the Challenge.

Join SWEAT Challenge 2020

How do I join the SWEAT Challenge?

If you’re already a member of the SWEAT app, you can join the SWEAT Challenge using the “Join the Challenge” button on the pink banner that appears in your app.

If you don’t see the banner in your app after May 18, 2020, be sure to update to the latest app version via the App Store or Google Play. 

Anyone who isn’t subscribed to the SWEAT app will need to download the app and subscribe to participate in the SWEAT Challenge. 

When you choose “Join the Challenge” you’ll be asked to select your Challenge program, training style and difficulty. Whether you choose to train with at-home equipment or no-equipment, there are two levels of difficulty that you can select from. 

You can choose to “Starting Out” if you are new to working out or you want to maintain your fitness. The “Challenge Me” option has workouts that are a bit harder and will challenge you to improve your fitness and strength. 

That’s it! Make sure that you join the SWEAT Community for motivation, at-home workout tips and to offer your support before the Challenge begins on Monday June 8, 2020. 

SWEAT Challenge 2020

What’s new for the SWEAT Challenge?

During the SWEAT Challenge, you’ll get access to six weeks of exclusive at-home workouts from your chosen SWEAT Challenge program, hosted in a dedicated Challenge section of the SWEAT app. 

Each at-home program has two streams, so you can choose one based on whether you have home gym equipment available to use during your workouts. Plus, if you have an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to access the BBG, PWR at Home, FIERCE at Home or LIFTING at Home workouts right from your wrist!

In your weekly workout program you’ll find: 

  • Resistance workouts x 3 
  • A weekly Express workout (Optional)
  • Low-intensity cardio x 2
  • Recovery x 2 (including one rest day)

There’s something for you to do on every day of the SWEAT Challenge, whether that’s a resistance workout, recovery or low-intensity cardio.

In PWR at Home, and FIERCE at Home the ‘at-home gym equipment’ stream has four workouts each week to target specific areas of the body as you build full-body strength. 

The goal of the SWEAT challenge is to stay motivated and complete at least one workout each week for the six weeks.

Plus, as an added bonus, when you sign up for the SWEAT Challenge, you'll also receive a free, three-month premium subscription to MyFitnessPal!  Once you’ve joined the SWEAT Challenge, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on how to redeem your free MyFitnessPal membership.

How do I choose my Challenge program?

The SWEAT Challenge is an opportunity to start training at home and stay healthy, strong and active, alongside women from all over the world.

You can choose from five at-home workout programs:  

You can compare the SWEAT Programs to help you decide. 

If you want to change your program after you’ve started the Challenge, you can! Simply tap the SWEAT Challenge banner in the app, then navigate to the three dots in the top right corner. Select ‘Change Program’, then reselect the program and difficulty of your choice. 

SWEAT Challenge Apple Watch

What do you want to focus on during the SWEAT Challenge?

During the SWEAT Challenge, each of the trainers has created a brand new express workout for you to complete on a day when you only have 15 minutes to exercise. 

Kayla Itsines’ BBG program has an express workout each week for either abs or legs. 

Kelsey Wells’ PWR at Home programs includes an express workout for glutes or core during each week of the Challenge. 

Chontel Duncan’s FIERCE at Home program express workout will target your abs or full body with high-intensity interval training

Stephanie Sanzo’s weekly express workout will target your glutes or abs. 

Finally, you can increase your flexibility with Sjana’s Splits Series. 


What do I do during the Challenge?

On the first day of the Challenge, you’ll see the exclusive at-home workouts for that week.

At the start of each week, you can schedule your workouts using the Planner, and sync it with your calendar, to get reminders when it’s time to workout. 

Make sure you’ve turned on push notifications to get scheduled workout reminders and motivation throughout the Challenge. 

Each week, you’ll complete your set resistance, cardio and recovery sessions. 

We know this is a difficult time and many people are out of their ordinary routines — so don’t worry if you miss a workout here and there, you’ll still progress through the challenge with everyone else. 

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What if I missed the start of the SWEAT Challenge?

The SWEAT Challenge will only be available from Monday, June 8 until Sunday, July 19 — so make sure you join before the Challenge starts to get the most out of it!

However, if you’ve missed the start of the Challenge, you can still join up until Sunday, June 28, 2020. 

If you leave the SWEAT Challenge, you won’t be able to rejoin once the Challenge entry period closes. This means in order to participate for the full six weeks and access the limited time workouts, you’ll need to stay in the SWEAT Challenge section of the app. 

To get the most out of the SWEAT Challenge, make sure you join the SWEAT Community to connect with other women doing the Challenge!

What happens at the end of the SWEAT Challenge?

After the Challenge, you can choose to continue your SWEAT program from where you left off, start at a different week in your program, or start a new program. 

Let’s stay stronger together, with at home workouts!

Now you know what to expect during the SWEAT Challenge, it’s time to join! Take this opportunity to care for your health, at home, with the support of SWEAT’s Trainers and the SWEAT Community. 

Join us to be part of the supportive SWEAT Community for this special at-home workout challenge!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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