5 No-Nonsense Tips for Better Results from the Gym

5 No-Nonsense Tips for Better Results from the Gym


5 No-Nonsense Tips for Better Results from the Gym

So, you’re going to the gym three or five times a week (or more – you go girl!) but you’re still not seeing the results you want. I know how frustrating this can be, especially when your goals seem so far away. It can be easy to burn yourself out if you’re not careful, which is why I came up with these no-nonsense tips that explain why you may not be seeing results and what you can do to finally be proud of all those days at the gym.

1.  Take a break

No, I’m not talking about a Kit-Kat bar. I’m saying, take a rest day. Or two. When you workout six or seven days a week with little rest, you’re burning your body out. It’s tired and it needs a break, but if you never give it a time to recover, it won’t be able to reap the benefits of those 40-minute gym sessions. I’ve learned throughout the years, that taking a two or three-day rest makes my body very happy and in turn I see gains in the mirror. Rest days are just as important as working out – don’t think you can’t enjoy a couple days off.

2. Purchase a fitness watch

When I purchased my first fitness watch, my life at the gym changed forever. Not only did I feel more motivated to work out, I also could see where my heart rate was and know exactly how hard my body really was working. It’s easy to go to the gym and do 3 sets of squats and think, “wow, I’m tired – I’m going to take a minute break!” However, your heart rate may not be as high as you think, which can limit the amount of breaks you have and get in a better workout. My favorite brand for fitness watches is Polar. I’ve tested out the Apple watch, Microsoft band, FitBit and two polar watches. By far, the polar watch had the most accurate heart rate and calories burned count.

3. Start eating better

Nutrition plays a huge role in weight loss and muscle gain. If you’re going to the gym religiously, but are eating out all the time (even if it’s healthy food) you may be holding yourself back from seeing the results you want. Going out to eat may seem harmless if you’re sticking with healthier options, but you still never know what types of oils they use and what exactly they put into the food. Instead, start planning and making your own food at home. I get a lot of my recipe ideas from Pinterest and I generally make the same dinner every day throughout the week to keep everything simple.

4. Try different workouts or exercises

If you’ve been using the same program for over a year or have been using the same exercises for each leg day, then you won’t see much of a change. Your body adapts quickly to new things. If you do squats, deadlifts and leg press each time you do leg day, your body is used to those exercises and at some point may not change any further. This is why it’s important to switch it up and change the exercises you do and “confuse” your muscles so they can’t predict which muscles you’ll be using next. Sounds weird, but it seems to be true. I personally don’t follow a specific program, but I will look through Instagram videos of girls who go to the gym and save the ones that I want to try. I’ll try a variety of these for each muscle group and change it up each week. If you like the structure of a program, try adding weights to the exercises in the program or seek out a different program with new exercises.

5. Recruit a gym buddy or personal trainer

If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to do those last few reps at the gym, having a gym buddy or personal trainer can push you to your limits. Ask a friend to be your gym buddy so you both can stay accountable, but I must caution you to make sure whoever you recruit is committed to it and won’t come up with excuses as to why they can’t go to the gym two weeks later. I’ve had quite a few gym buddies who were “committed” for the first few weeks and then bailed on me. You can do your best to make sure this doesn’t happen by asking what their goals are and how they expect to achieve them. If a gym buddy isn’t your thing because you end up exercising your mouth more than your body (aka talking the entire time), then hiring a personal trainer may be just the thing that brings your gym game to an all time high.

What are some nonsense tips you'd share about getting results in the gym?

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