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20% off your SWEAT Monthly Membership*

Exclusive to BC Federation of Students.

20% off your SWEAT Monthly Membership*

Exclusive to BC Federation of Students.
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20% off SWEAT for BC Federation of Students

Fitness goals are individual - with SWEAT the choice is in your hands. SWEAT and BCFS have partnered to offer you even more proven ways to work out and focus on your health and fitness goals.

There's never been a better time to try SWEAT. Start today and work out with the largest fitness community of women worldwide!
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Sweat With Us

Work out anywhere, anytime with the largest fitness community of women worldwide!

Get the fitness motivation you need with SWEAT, featuring at-home and gym workout programs from elite female personal trainers including Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Stephanie Sanzo, Chontel Duncan, Sjana Elise, and new yoga and barre instructors Ania Tippkemper, Phyllicia Bonanno and Britany Williams.
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No Gym? No Worries.

SWEAT offers the perfect training solution for our times. Many programs are designed to be done at home or outside and require no equipment.

Check out Kayla's BBG Zero Equipment program, featuring 16 weeks of anytime/anywhere workouts.
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Train Your Way

Your fitness goals are personal and always evolving, so SWEAT puts the choice in your hands!

Choose from a range of at-home and gym-based training styles to find workouts that suit your fitness goals and needs.

From beginner to advanced levels, SWEAT offers HIIT, strength training, yoga, low-intensity cardio, circuit training, weight training, barre and more.
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Track your progress and plan your workouts

SWEAT encourages you to get stronger week by week! You progress gradually, increasing the intensity in each workout.

When you’re ready to take on fresh challenges and step up your workouts, SWEAT has you covered.
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Join an inspiring fitness community

We know how important it is to feel supported throughout your fitness journey.

Connect with like-minded women around the world through the SWEAT app. Build the confidence and power to reach your fitness goals with a supportive, empowering community.
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*The promotion to SWEAT will entitles the recipient to a discounted monthly membership for $15.99. Billing will commence from the purchase date. No free trial period. No lock-in contracts. Cancel at any time.
Offer excludes current SWEAT members.