SWEAT Summer Series Week 4

SWEAT Summer Series Week 4


SWEAT Summer Series Week 4


This is it: the final week of the Sweat Summer Series! We hope you’ve loved the last few weeks of free workouts created especially for this event by our trainers. 
Don’t worry if you missed any of the workouts, or if you want to come back and test them in the future. They are all available via the SWEAT YouTube channel
Kelsey has put together two full-body circuits for the final week of the Sweat Summer Series. One workout has been created specifically for ladies post-pregnancy, while the other is more advanced strength training. 

Sjana’s Yin yoga sequence for this week is a great one to come back to regularly! Using hip-opening stretches, this week’s workout can help to reduce lower back pain or tension caused by sitting for long periods of time. 
For her final week in the series, Kayla has created a full-body workout to target multiple muscle groups. This will challenge every part of your body. 

If you’ve loved the workouts we’ve shared during the Summer Series, sign up to the SWEAT app to access the whole range of programs available! 


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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