5 High-Intensity Moves To Incorporate Into Your Health & Fitness Routine!

5 High-Intensity Moves To Incorporate Into Your Health & Fitness Routine!


5 High Intensity Moves

Whether you’re already incorporating high-intensity training into your workouts or it’s something you are curious to try, there’s no denying it’s a super fast and effective way to workout. Using short, quite intense circuits, high-intensity training can help you burn more calories in a short amount of time. It can also encourage your body to continue burning calories even after your workout, thanks to a process known as Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), or the ‘afterburn’ effect.

If you’re a fan of getting more value from your workouts in less time (who isn’t?!), read on for five high-intensity moves that can be added to your routine.


This exercise can bring fear to anyone that hears its name. As well as challenging muscles in a number of areas of your body, including your arms, legs and abs, burpees also challenge your cardiovascular fitness.

From a standing position, place your hands on the floor and jump your feet backwards into a push-up position. Jump your feet back in towards your hands and then jump high enough so that you can extend your legs beneath your body.




Skipping can be used as part of your warm-up before any resistance workout and is a great alternative for cardio when the weather is less than ideal outside.

Hold a skipping-rope handle in each hand and continually jump over the rope as you swing through small rotations in your wrist. If you’re up for an additional challenge, try adding in two rope rotations for each jump (called a “double under”).


Plyometric Squat

This is a plyometric version of an all-time classic that really works several muscle groups in your lower body.

Begin in a squat position and rather than returning to a standing position, jump high enough so that you can extend your legs beneath your body. Land back in a squat position and repeat. Take care with this exercise and make sure that you land with soft knees to prevent jarring your joints.


High Knees

From a standing position, bring your right knee into your chest. Quickly swap your legs to bring your left knee into your chest and continue alternating between sides.

Much like skipping, high knees can be incorporated into your warm-ups to help generate heat within the body. Take your resistance workouts to the next level by performing high knees in between sets.

High Knees

Plyometric Lunge

This exercise is also great for targeting muscles in the lower body. Unlike a squat, which works both sides of the body, lunges allow you to work one side of the body at a time. This can be an effective way to help restore any muscular imbalances and really focus on specific muscles (for example, if one side is stronger than the other).

Take a big step forward with your right foot and bend both knees to create two 90-degree angles. Jump upwards and land in a lunge position with your left foot forward. Continue alternating between lunges with your right foot forward and left foot forward, jumping upwards in between.



* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.