7 Instagrams for Serious Healthy Eating Inspiration

7 Instagrams for Serious Healthy Eating Inspiration


7 Instagrams for Serious Healthy Eating Inspiration

Searching for quality recipes online can be challenging. There's a wealth of information out there and no smart way of narrowing down your options. With so many beautifully curated blogs and Instagram feeds, how do you know which recipes are truly delicious, easy, quick and worth your time? 


To spare your taste buds and save you the trouble from buying dozens of ingredients you'll only use once (thanks for nothing Gwyneth Paltrow), I've listed 7 tried-and-true sources that will keep your disappointment at bay. Keep scrolling to check them out.


1. Leah Itsines (@leahitsines)

The low-down: In case her last name didn't tip you off, Leah is the sister of the fitness guru Kayla Itsines. Leah's humor-infused Instagram posts are what keep me coming back but her yummy recipes and what make me stay. 

What to expect: Simple, quick recipes that make clean eating appear effortless.

3 recipes to try: San Choy BowThai Prawn Fritters, Pulled Pork Sliders


2. Winnie's Balance (@winniesbalance_)

The low-down: Winnie is a dietitian-in-training and aspiring Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) who shares tasty recipes that feature real, whole foods. She shares useful and insightful information on her blog such as meal prep tips, how to stay motivated when starting a new workout regime and how to be a mindful eater.

What to expect: Delicious food combinations you never you wanted: Rosemary Tuna Patty Sandwiches, Cheesy Tahini Sauce, Turmeric Vanilla Oatmeal, bagel slathered with Peanut Cashew Super Butter, Figs and Hemp Seeds... you get the idea 😍.

3 recipes to try: Creamy Banana Kefir Oatmeal, Baked Herb & Garlic DrumstickCrunch SuperButter Cookie


3. Fit and Well Med Gal (@fitandwellmedgal)

The low-down: Adriana is a radiology resident who shares her daily eats on Instagram. If she can make a wide variety of healthy recipes despite her busy schedule, the rest of us have no reason not to try.

What to expect: Prepare to crave every dish she posts. 

​3 recipes to try: Chilean Sea Bass, Fig Cashew Butter Bread, Frozen Cacao Cookies


4. Healthy with Nedi (@healthywithnedi)

The low-down: Neda is a Holistic Health Coach and recipe developer whose food philosophy is inspired by her mother. She uses simple, wholesome ingredients to create appetizing recipes that are indulgent and waist-friendly.

What to expect: Healthy, delicious takes on decadent dishes (see my suggestions below).

3 recipes to try: Healthy French ToastLobster-Ouzo Fettucine, Vegan Kelp Noodles with Pesto


5. Spinach4Breakfast (@spinach4breakfast)

The low-down:
Sisters Maria and Alyssa launched their lifestyle blog, Spinach4Breakfast, to inspire those looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

What to expect: Drool-worthy dishes and treats that are perfectly plated.

3 recipes to try: Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Fudge, Gluten-Free Almond Butter Kiss Cookie


6. I Quit Sugar (@iquitsugar)

The low-down: Former Cosmopolitan editor Sarah Wilson created I Quit Sugar, Australia's largest health and wellness site, and created the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program, which has helped more than 1.5 million people quit sugar around the world. She is also the author of the New York Times bestseller I Quit Sugar, I Quit Sugar For Life and I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, and her books are sold in 46 countries and in 12 languages. 

What to expect: A huge range of delicious, sugar-free recipes that'll keep you satisfied while losing inches.

3 recipes to try: Poached Octopus Salad, Spiced Sea Bass with Citrus Butter Sauce,  Lemony Myrtle Tart + Crunchy Macadamia Crust

7. Oh She Glows (@ohsheglows)

The low-down:
Angela is a New York Times best-selling author and creative genius behind Oh She Glows, an award-winning recipe blog that features over 500 healthy, plant-based recipes. Many of her recipes are gluten-free and allergy-free. The Oh She Glows app ($1.99) launched last year and was one of Apple's 'Best of 2016' apps.

What to expect: Lots of delicious plant-based recipes accompanied by vibrant photography.

3 recipes to try: Glowing Green "Pasta" PrimaveraSpeedy Veggie Noodle Bowl with Homemade Teriyaki SauceVegan Cinnamon Rolls


Happy cooking guys! Let me know which recipe you enjoy the most.

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