Why Blogging is Good for Mental Health

Why Blogging is Good for Mental Health


I remember the early 2000's when websites like LiveJournal, Xanga, and Blogger were popular. Also known as Web 2.0, this new world of websites created tons of user-generated content, social media interactions, and virtual communities!  As someone who grew up on the Internet, I immediately jumped on any and all of those websites. It was so cool to write about your day and get little eProps, comments, and likes on your journal entries, whether it was from friends or strangers who stumbled across your page. But why would anyone want to divulge their thoughts to the world? I have 3 good reasons for it.


We are all social creatures, and our generation is more than ever connected through social media. You can argue the pros and cons of being on social media, but I will argue for the pros! You never know what kind of community you will create or stumble into!

The support of people similar to you is so beneficial when you are getting things off your chest, or when you're trying to improve in interestes like photography, drawing, or fitness. You don't feel alone, and you don't need to bottle things up. I know a lot of people who have started fitness social accounts without any intention of having their real-life friends being involved because they are looking for a specific, like-minded community. Blogging can do just that, where you are sharing your thoughts for those who would like to resonate with you!


Accountability also goes hand-in-hand with the community you can find. If there are eyes on you and your work, and there are friends keeping up with you, you will be more motivated to finish what you started. "Do it for the 'gram!" Just kidding, but really, do it because you want to show yourself and your community that you can do it! If you're by yourself, doubts can get to you. If you are sharing your story with others, you can get a lot of encouragement!


Blogging is also a great way to keep you on track with whatever goal you have in mind. As time goes on, you can even reflect on previous entries to see how far you've come! If you don't see improvement, you can also reflect on what you could do differently. It's so great having a history of what you've been doing because you can learn and grow from it. Self-reflection is so important for self-improvement. Ask yourself what your goals are, if you're still staying true to your goals, or if you need to adjust anything in your journey. Although this can all be done with a private diary also, I want to again emphasize how sharing this with a community could help you grow and keep you on track!

Whatever the reason you've started blogging, or want to start blogging, I believe that it will overall be beneficial to you and your mental health! You have a safe space to vent (responsibly), make friends, keep track of progress, and see yourself grow. It's the best thing I've done for myself!


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