The Art of Creating The Right Playlist For Your Workout

The Art of Creating The Right Playlist For Your Workout


Creating the right playlist for your workout

No matter what type of music you’re into, we can probably all agree it’s essential for your workout. Whether you use it to pump you up for working out, or to keep you going when you want to give up, music can really enhance most routines.

In fact, even science has weighed in on how music can impact your workout. Listening to music is more likely to put you in a better mood and may even make you work a little bit harder. But how do you harness this power?

Is it all about the BPM?

BPM, or beats per minute, refers to the tempo (speed) of the music, something that many people believe matters when choosing workout songs. Being able to match movements to the rhythm and tempo of the music may make it easier to get into the workout zone. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of fitness classes choose music with a high BPM for their workouts, or they work up to a faster pace.

For example, your playlist might start with songs between 120-140 BPM to help you warm up, then kick up to 145 BPM (or more) for high-intensity intervals.

Match the music to your workout

High-intensity workouts are well suited to tracks with a BPM of 145 or higher. Your brain (and body) aims to keep up with the music, which means you can often push through the mental barriers that can pop up as you tire.

For lower-intensity exercises, simple rhythms and gentle melodies seem to work best. Look at yoga classes, where arrangements with a slower tempo are preferred. The music used in these classes is often selected to help calm the body and to help attendees move in a gentle, controlled manner.


Mood-boosting music

Music to uplift or inspire is so helpful during a workout. Think about it: motivational quotes can get you going on a tough day, it makes sense that inspirational lyrics can do a similar job. It’s like listening to positive affirmations over and over.

So, what are some dos and don’ts for your workout playlist?

DO — choose upbeat or energising songs to keep you moving.
DON’T — use songs that remind you of unhappy memories (such as break-ups).
DO — structure your playlist to match the intensity of your workout.
DON’T — hit shuffle if you’ve carefully structured your playlist to match your workout.
DO — add music that pumps you up and makes you feel inspired.
DON’T — make your playlist shorter than your workout.
DO — update the playlist regularly.
DON’T — let your music distract you too much. Remember, the point of the music is to enhance your workout, but it shouldn’t stop you giving everything you’ve got to your routine.
DO — pick music that suits your workout style.

While choosing music based on the BPM sounds really technical, there are websites and apps you can use for help. Of course, it’s not essential to create your playlists in this way. The main thing to remember is music can help to make your time at the gym at little more enjoyable. If any playlist helps you to turn up and stay motivated, it is worth listening to!

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