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How To Get Motivated: 7 Ways To Spark Action

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How To Get Motivated: 7 Ways To Spark Action
How To Get Motivated

There will always be days when you don’t feel like working out, doing a recovery session, or eating healthy food. That’s perfectly normal! No one feels motivated all of the time. Even the most dedicated people have days when they don’t have the motivation to keep going. 

At times like these, the people you surround yourself with can help to motivate and support you, which is why it’s important to find people who inspire you that you can look to.

This could be someone you see every day, someone you follow on Instagram or a community that you can reach out to. Uplifting quotes from inspiring women can be just what you need to dig deeper and keep moving forward.  

When you really want to achieve something and build new habits, taking a disciplined approach is important. When you have healthy habits in place, they will carry you through the days when you just don’t feel like it.

7 steps to get motivated for exercise

 Here are some ideas to get your motivation back and keep working towards your goal. 

Get Motivated

1. Take one small step forward

When you focus only on the end goal, it can seem impossible to reach. Instead, focus on what you are doing here and now, the first small step towards that distant goal.

Right now there is an action that you can take, however small, towards that big goal. That small action is the first step. Taking that step initiates the momentum you need to keep moving towards your health goals

Make the first step easy to achieve, so that you don’t even have to think twice about doing it. For example, you might put on your gym shoes as the first step to going out for a walk. 

How To Get Motivated To Workout

2. Use the ‘add-in’ approach

When you’re trying to increase your activity levels, it’s easier to incorporate more physical activity into the things you are already doing, rather than trying to totally change your schedule to make extra time for exercise. This makes it easier to build up over time, rather than trying to do something completely new or radically changing your routine. 

You might park your car further away and walk to work or to the shops. Another idea is to get a takeaway coffee instead of sitting down and walking while you catch up with a friend. Be creative and find what works for you! Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you to manage stress, feel stronger and have more energy. 

Create Motivation Rituals

3. Create rituals

When you make something a part of your daily ritual, it’s much easier to get it done. For example, you wouldn’t leave the house in the morning without brushing your teeth. If you see your workout as part of your morning routine, it can become a natural part of your day and won’t seem like such a huge effort.

Another tip here is to do the hard things first, which means getting your workout done before the day gets on top of you. 

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4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

You are bound to have lots of questions in your first months of fitness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Find a workout buddy who can be your mentor and share the journey with you. You can educate yourself on what to eat, when to workout and how to do specific exercises

The SWEAT Trainers provide plenty of fitness motivation and regular videos that demonstrate the correct technique for certain exercises on their social media accounts. The community forum is another place you can go to ask questions, get answers and find out how other women have overcome any problems you’re facing.  

When you know how to start working out and what you can expect, you’re ready to get started! 

Get Motivated For A Quick Workout

5. Keep it short — a quick workout is better than no workout 

If you can’t get motivated to spend an hour in the gym, just commit to 15 minutes! Doing a short workout has great health benefits. You might even surprise yourself and find that once you get started you want to do more.

Just 15 minutes of exercise, when done regularly, can boost your brainpower, improve your mood and increase cardiovascular endurance. 

Plus, by doing short-duration exercise regularly you are establishing a habit of exercising. When you are ready to increase the duration or intensity of your workouts, both your body and mind will be up to the task. 

Get Motivated For One Goal

6. Concentrate on one goal

If you have one goal that you are passionate about, you are far more likely to achieve it than if you have several goals that you aren’t as committed to.

With all of your energy focused on that one goal, when external circumstances or barriers get in the way, you’ll use your determination and passion to find ways to overcome them. 

If you’ve set goals in the past, but you haven’t reached them, you may need to adjust your mindset. It’s never too late, and with the right attitude and plan in place, you can keep on working towards your goal.  

How To Get Motivated To Exercise

7. Connect with a fitness community

Sharing your 5am workouts, afternoon cardio and sweaty selfies on social media or in a supportive fitness community forum can be rewarding when you get encouragement from women on the same journey. Getting reinforcement that you’re on the right track can help provide the momentum to keep going! 

Exchanging words of encouragement and support can help you to feel less alone when you are next pushing through the last five minutes of your workout, because you know there are others out there doing exactly the same thing!

Joining in a like-minded community helps you to feel like you’re part of something bigger, and connect with people who are facing the same challenges and working towards the same goals that you are.

Following the SWEAT Trainers on social media can also provide daily motivation to keep showing up with words of wisdom, advice and encouragement that can inspire you to support others too. 

Use these tips to get motivated to workout!

We hope that these ideas help you to get motivated, set your intention and create a plan to exercise regularly. It takes commitment and dedication to create a regular workout routine, but the benefits are worth it! 

If you’re trying to find the motivation to get back into regular exercise, these workout tips can help.

One great way to maintain motivation is to take a simple fitness test before you start a new exercise routine, and repeat it after four weeks of exercising regularly. Share your results to encourage others to get started with exercise too!

Do you have any tips for getting motivated to exercise? Share them below!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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