Glowing Skin All Winter Long

Glowing Skin All Winter Long


There are a few perks to the cooler winter months – hibernation mode watching Netflix, comfort food, wine by the fire and layers. Just because you are covered up shouldn’t mean letting your skin dry and dull. If you aren’t escaping to Europe for the summer – here’s how to get glowing skin until the weather warms up

Start with the base

Glowing skin starts at the base with a good skincare routine to take you through the cooler months and dramatic temperature changes your skin is exposed to. Consider adding a retinol product to your skincare regime, its potent vitamin A base, it gently removed dead skin cells while strengthening the skin improving the appearance of dryness. Try Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol or a digestible Vitamin A from Bear with the added benefit of protecting your immunity!


Body exfoliant

If you aren't frolicking on a beach or getting rough with a loofa regularly, a body exfoliant will help shift that dead skin. Moisture can't get in if dead cells are in the way. My number one body scrub is FRANK body, and if you aren't familiar with Frank get acquainted with your new bathroom bestie. Frank exfoliant products are coffee based and feature natural oils, it will awaken the skin (and senses) revealing smooth moisturised skin.

Buy FRANK here.


Choose your makeup products wisely

Opt for cream or liquid based products over the cooler months as they give an automatic glow simply from their texture. Also using a primer will help maintain this - a multi-purpose product such as Cinch Face Cheat is the perfect all rounder to keep with you through the day. It is a primer, illuminator, moisturiser and anti-ager. Use this as your base before applying make-up and you can spritz through the day for added glow. Then because there is no such thing as too much glow, use a cream highlighter, my favourite is Benefit Watts Up.

Add a sun-kissed glow

Once your skin is thoroughly exfoliated and hydrated, you’re going to want to add a little tan to your new-found glow.  In these cooler months, try a buildable lotion with gradual tanner in it for moisture and glow and a hint of bronze. Hands down the best tanning range is Bondi Sands and one of my personal favourites is their Liquid Gold Dry Oil.


Drink lots of water

I don’t need to tell you the endless benefits of drinking water but one of these includes skin health. Staying hydrated through-out the cooler months can seem like more of a task than during summer, so if the thought of cold water seems daunting try some herbal tea such as lemon & ginger or peppermint. Curling up with a hot cuppa sounds pretty perfect to me.

Regular Facials

Have you ever left a facial not feeling utter bliss and relaxation? Did your skin glow for days? Not all facials were created equal, and during those cooler months where your skin is ever exposed to a variety of elements and shocks, get the most out of your money with a prescriptive facial. Have your therapist indivdually consult on your skin concerns and come up with a treatment plan. This will give you the glow you lust for because it is tailored and specific. My go to skin gurus are HÜD Skin + Body, Gry and the team take care of some of the best in the business and if you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne, they can work their magic to give you a celebrity glow.


Keep active to boost natural radiance

Do you ever notice that you feel more vibrant and all round better in the summer months? Revelation - spending time outdoors is good for your skin. I know, who would have thought. While its tempting to curl up in denial under a doona, staying fit and active will boost your circulation and keep you looking radiant.

Implementing these little changes to your routine will give you an instant pep in your step. You’ll wonder how you ever survived before in those cold dreary months.

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