Beat the 'Back to Work Blues'

Beat the 'Back to Work Blues'


Beat the back to work blues

Now that the festive season is finished, finding the motivation to settle back into a normal routine can be tough. Leisurely sleep-ins or late nights in front of the TV become a thing of the past as you return to alarms, commuting and deadlines. Making the transition from holidays back into work mode can be quite a mental challenge. Try these tricks to help make the whole process a little easier!

Get up and get moving

As lovely as sleeping in is, there is something empowering about getting up early and starting the day with motivation and excitement! Start your first day out with all of those good habits you want to keep up. That might be hopping out of bed and doing a number of stretches. It could be making time to prepare lunch to take with you.

Listen to something you love

Whatever your jam is — an playlist from your favourite DJ, a podcast that gets you thinking or a comedy show that makes you laugh out loud — it can set the tone for your morning.

Prioritise your wellbeing

It’s no secret that feeling stressed or run down means you often can’t perform as well as you would like. Your wellbeing is a huge contributor to being positive and productive, both at work and at home. Set some good habits in motion from the very first day.

Here are some simple ways to put wellbeing into focus:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take regular breaks from your desk
  • Eat breakfast (and lunch) every day
  • Try to fit exercise into your daily routine
  • Allow yourself to be creative
  • Occasionally, just take it easy.

Remember that you aren’t a superhero (and no one should expect you to be one). It’s normal to feel a little sad that holidays are over and now you have to get back in the swing of things. Be thankful for the break, but also be thankful for the opportunity to work.

The key to surviving the first week after holidays is giving yourself some time and adjusting slowly. You might have a case of the ‘back to work blues’, but it’s is usually only temporary. As you settle back into a regular routine and aim to live the healthiest life possible, it will get easier!

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