6 Ways To Know If YOUR Lifestyle Is Healthy

6 Ways To Know If YOUR Lifestyle Is Healthy


Many of us read or hear the term ‘healthy lifestyle’ on a daily basis. We’re told a healthy lifestyle is the key to helping us live longer, or to feel better. It’s something many people strive for, but how do you actually know if your lifestyle is healthy?

Firstly, what does the term ‘healthy lifestyle’ actually mean? Is there just one way to describe a healthy lifestyle, or more? As our lives differ so much, the exact definition of a healthy lifestyle is slightly different for everyone. Our health refers to general well being; are we feeling balanced physically, mentally and socially? Are we taking steps to achieve this balance and ultimately maintain it?

No matter what stage of our lives we’re in, there are steps we can take for better health. How we feel physically and emotionally can be impacted by the lifestyle we lead, but a healthy lifestyle can delve much deeper than that. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


  • 1. A healthy lifestyle is: taking your health seriously
  • You need to remember that it’s YOU who is in control of your health. No one is going to push you to eat better, to workout or to visit the doctor when you’re sick. YOU have to take responsibility for those things yourself.

    Also, health isn’t just diet and exercise. Mental and social health is just as important as physical health. A healthy lifestyle is also about FEELING good (more on that later). So make sure you try to be proactive, not just reactive.

    2. A healthy lifestyle is: eating well

    How you eat affects everything your body does! To eat well, you should be eating a variety of nutritious foods that fuel your body. We draw energy from the food we eat, so choosing to eat whole foods can help our body to perform best.

    Exclusionary diets are often simply not sustainable. Our bodies rely on a balance of grains, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and protein to thrive. Choose foods that can fuel your body and build the foundations that may keep you in better health for longer.

    3. A healthy lifestyle is: making exercise a priority

    An active lifestyle is a healthier lifestyle. Finding a way to make exercise part of your daily activity is important for you to feel your best. Even if you can’t fit in a full exercise regime, some physical activity is better than doing none at all. There are lots of little ways to keep active, from playing social sports to walking your dog or going out dancing.

    Exercise can help to increase your energy level, boost your mood and strengthen your heart, not to mention it can be an important tool for weight loss and weight management.

    4. A healthy lifestyle is: getting enough sleep

    Without enough sleep, you’re likely to feel sluggish or struggle with concentration throughout the day. Too little sleep can also be linked to other health problems, including high blood pressure, a weakened immune system and more indirectly, weight gain.

    Your body repairs cells and tissues during sleep. It’s important for our development and to help balance our mood as well. Try to get enough sleep each night (most people need around 7-8 hours) so your body can be alert the next day.  

    5. A healthy lifestyle is: having a positive attitude

    Ever noticed how easy is it to talk yourself out of a workout? Your attitude to eating well and getting enough exercise is so important. There are always going to be challenges, setbacks or interruptions to your life and goals.

    When making changes for a healthy lifestyle, your attitude is the key to success. Don’t allow your negative thinking or the negativity of others to derail your plans. If you miss a whole week of exercise, don’t dwell on it or decide to quit. You can’t get back time, so see tomorrow as an opportunity to get back into your routine.

    6. A healthy lifestyle is: focusing on FEELING good

    Healthy lifestyles are built on more than weight loss, calorie counting or quick fixes. If a new exercise routine helps you to feel good, you’re more likely to keep it up. If a healthy lifestyle helps you to manage stress, leaves you feeling well rested and happy, then it’s worth following, right?

  • * Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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