5 Tips for Getting Into a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Tips for Getting Into a Healthy Lifestyle


5 Tips for Getting Into a Healthy Lifestyle

It's that time of the year again! It's officially summer - the sun is shining and everyone is a little bit more motivated to get their act together and get into a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to getting healthy, it's all about the lifestyle. It's 2017 and fad diets are out.

Who doesn't want more energy, glowing skin, and an overall sense of balance and happiness? Read on to find out my top 5 tips for finally getting into that healthy lifestyle!

1 - Drink more water

I know you probably read this one everywhere, but honestly the best thing you can do for yourself is drink A LOT of water. In the morning, drink at least 16 oz first thing when you wake up. This gets your metabolism moving and also helps wake you up! throughout the day make sure to drink water as much as you can. A lot of times, if you're feeling tired or hungry, you actually might be dehydrated. Always drink water first to see if it solves the problem. I keep a 25 oz water bottle at my desk at all times and go through about 5 of them a day.


2 - Get moving

It's important to move your body, but to do it in a way that you actually enjoy it. If you like going to the gym and lifting weights, great! If you prefer having a class with an instructor, then do that. If you want something a little lower-impact, maybe go for hour-long walks and listen to a good podcast. Try different things and stick to what you like, because forcing yourself to do somehting you think you should be doing won't make you happy and won't make you stick to your routine. Try to move your body at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour and you'll feel so much better in no time!


3 - Count ingredients - NOT calories!

A lot of people will pick up a food item at the store and only look at the number of calories on the nutrition label. Maybe they'll also take a look at the sugar or sodium content. What people don't realize is that calories don't really matter, and what's really important are what ingredients are going into your body. If you can't pronounce it, it probably should be there. As long as you're eating whole foods that you can pronounce, the calories won't matter! 


4 - Develop a routine

Developing a routine is very important to mainting a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to your sleep schedule. I know weekends are hard, and you obviously don't need to be super strict about it, but try to set a bed time and wake up time every day at least during the work week. This will get your body into a rhythm, and you'll see that over time it'll come naturally without even having to try to stick to a schedule.


5 - Have balance

Don't forget that the healthiest way you can live is by having a life with balance. Just like it's not the best to be completely unhealthy (eating processed, fried, sugary foods, not exercising, etc), it's also not healthy to be TOO healthy. Don't restrict yourself. If you're making all your meals at home with good, whole ingredients, and one day you want to go get a donut, by all means, go eat that donut! And don't feel guilty about it because eating something while feeling guilty actually makes that food have a worse effect on your body than if you eat it with happy thoughts. Same goes for exercising. Listen to your body, and if you wake up one morning feeling so tired you can't even move because you went to sleep a little too late the night before, then hit that snooze button and take the day off. Just don't let it become too much of a habit!


Now, if you're inspired by the summer and are ready to get on the healthy bandwagon, I hope these tips come in handy! Good luck!

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