Winter Active Wear Essentials

Winter Active Wear Essentials


It’s 6am, 5 degrees outside and you’re struggling to find the motivation to get out of bed to get to the gym or get outside for a run. There is nothing like rewarding yourself with new active wear for reaching your goals and to keep you motivated all winter long. After all, summer bodies are made in the winter. There is also an elemet of practicality when it comes to some of these trends - mesh panelling for ventelation or a puffer jacket for getting to and from the gym. While we think you should never regret a purchase that makes you feel good, the more practicality an item has - the lesser the guilt!

In case you needed more convincing *or to convince your significant other to get on board* - in a 2012 study completed by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky (1), the term "enclothed congnition " was coined and suggests that out bodies influence our brains to have us believe wearing a certain item of clothing must make us better at what we are doing.  “We found robust evidence that this influence of clothing depends on both whether the clothes are worn and the symbolic meaning of the clothes,” an excerpt from the Enclothed Cognition study which suggests just the symbol of an item of clothing can make us believe we are better at something. If you love the below items, or any new piece you are buying this season - they will absolutely make you push harder and encourage you to get your sweat on.

Color blocking

If you are a notorious all black outfit kinda girl, this one is going to take some warming up to. Baby steps, adding a pop of color here or multi tone there. Remember to keep your colors (mostly) complimentary. Start with matching your shoes and sports bra, and before you know it you will be buying two tone pieces or wearing 4 tones in the same outfit – outrageous! Local Australian brand PE Nation which is a regular feature on your fave celebs Kayla Itsines, the Kardashian Klan and Bella Hadid, is a great way to transition into colour blocking with their signature technical fabrication and geometric lines.





For a long time, a puffer jacket has sat in the boring, functional category. In those cooler months, there is no more reliable piece to take you from home, to the gym, then to brunch. You’ll be warm and cozy when you need it most. You'll also nail ultimate sports luxe. These pieces are the must have piece of the season and with a variety of sleeve lengths available you’ll soon find your perfect match and wonder how you lived without a puffer for so long.




Print pairings

A favorite for yogis alike, expressing yourself with a bold print can be exhilarating, playful and fun. Your inner OCD will be satisfied, perfect pairings. Match a printed legging and crop top for added umph! Especially on a cold morning when you don't have time to think through the perfect outfit. *Guarenteed* to help you nail your crow pose.




Mesh panelling

You may be forgiven for thinking that those mesh panels in your latest  active wear haul were purely functional. If there is a detail having a moment this season it has to be mesh. Mesh panelling in your tights, through the back of your crop tops, jumpers or cut out mesh details. Regular capri tights just wont cut it any more. This trend is the perfect way to show a little skin or take a risk.



Tag us in your winter wears and show us how you’re styling the latest trends.



1. Hajo Adam; Adam D. Galinsky, (2012). Enclothed cognition. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology , 48 (4), 918–925.

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