Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

Why You Should Be Lifting Weights


So many myths about weight lifting, I could go on for ages!


Most women are misinformed about fitness in general. How many times have I heard things like “I don’t wanna get bulky” from a girl? I probably thought that at one point in my life. But I was totally wrong. Most girls diet and do cardio to lose weight, but what they don’t know is that complimenting cardio with weightlifting will help them lose even more weight.


DITCH your typical cardio routine, believe me, you won’t get bulky or manly. Tone up and look fit by adding strength training to your daily routines and you’ll be happy with the results.


Talking a little bit about the whole “I don’t wanna look bulky or manly” thoughts, it’s pretty hard to accomplish. It takes many years and discipline to get to that point and unless you actually want to get to that point, you won’t. When I say weightlift I don’t mean go squat with 50 lbs on each side, you can lift 10lbs on each side or less and still accomplish your goals.


We’re talking about toning up here, not bulking. Plus, as we’ve all heard 1000 times before, diet is about 90% and fitness is 10%. There are different types of diets, either cutting, maintaining or bulking. When you’re bulking you’re gaining some fat but gaining more muscle, these diets tend to be 2000+ calories.


When you’re cutting you’re eating 1500 calories or less. So those women you see at the gym that are extremely muscular and look manly, are probably on a bulk diet and lift real heavy weights. For women it’s harder to get that big because we produce less testosterone than men… so we have nothing to worry about.


The problem with many diets is, that if you’re eating very few calories per day, and just doing cardio as part of you fitness routine, you are not only losing fat, but you’re also losing muscle… we definitely don’t want that. We all want to gain muscle because we don’t want to have skin hanging when were 60… at least I don’t! Cute toned arms and legs is all I need…. And maybe a sixpack.


When you weigh yourself and measure your muscle and fat percentage, you want the muscle percentage to be higher than the fat percentage. This means if you have more weight from muscle and not fat… you’re SKINNIER. So when you lift weights, you’ll be gaining muscle, losing fat and dropping some sizes. Sometimes you’ll weigh yourself and you’ll weigh the same, this is because your muscle percentage went up and your fat percentage went down. Screw the numbers on the scale! What matters is how you feel and look.


This is why we should be weight training, if you’re dieting and weight lifting, you’re going to keep your muscle and burn fat at the same time. It BLASTS belly fat more than cardio. Compliment the two and you have the perfect routine! And if we’re blasting fat, we’re also burning more calories. If you like doing cardio I recommend doing Functional training since it’s a combination of both. Doing cardio is also important, don’t get me wrong.


I find weight lifting to be stress relieving, it’s like you can get that anger or stress out on those heavy weights. I also LOVE the challenge, I find it very empowering to lift weights. If you challenge yourself to increase your strength weekly you’ll increase your confidence and be a happier person in general. In the long run, it can be amazing to your health. By doing exercise and lifting weights, there’s  a lesser change you’ll get heart disease or cancer. Not to get all intense, but not doing exercise can lead to having health problems later on in life.


Bottom line, stop listening to those stupid stereotypes on strength training, as I’ve mentioned before… find something you like that involves lifting weights and be consistent with it. Low calorie diets and cardio are not good for you and you’ll only lose muscle. Add some spice to your life and start lifting weights, results will come. Be patient.

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