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Sweat off the Summer Fluff

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Sweat off the Summer Fluff

It feels like summer is coming to an end here in Toronto and back-to-school signs are starting to haunt me. If you feel like you may have gone a little overboard with sangrias and BBQ this season, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Summer socializing can often get the best of us, but there is no better time than now to start sweating off that summer fluff ... just in time for when the kiddies are back to school.


End of Summer Slim-Down Tips


I scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ...

Not ice cream! For the last few weeks left this summer, opt for homemade fruit ice pops instead. Ice cream desserts can add up and you can make all the difference just by changing up your sweet tooth craving. Frozen fruit and Greek yogurt pops are also a great alternative. You'll be surprised at how much this healthier option will actually satisfy you!


Bottoms Up!

Empty calories are hidden in those fruity alcoholic drinks, so limit your sugary mixed cocktails and go for a clear liquor combined with a low-cal beverage instead. You don't have to stop drinking completely for the rest of the summer, but perhaps choose a vodka and soda water intead of your tropical pina colada. Ps - don't forget, water should always be your preferred drink of choice!


Meal Prep or Die Trying (Kidding!)

Prepping meals for the week or even for a few days can be daunting, but getting into the habit of buying your food and cooking some meals in advance can make or break you! Summer patio season usually calls for tons of happy hour apps and that can result in a not-so-happy waistline. With your kids going back to school soon, it’s time to get into the routine of making their lunches so why not get your own meals back on track too?


Move it to Lose it!

It’s common for consistent workout routines to get tossed out the window due to all the summer fun. Now it’s time to jump back onto the fitness bandwagon. Commit to a routine for at least 4 weeks in combination with a healthy eating regimen and you are sure to start seeing that summer fluff disappear. Here are three circuits you can try at home on different days to kickstart your journey. 


10 x Burpees

5 x Push Ups

10 x Up Up Down Downs

30s  Plank

Rest 30 seconds and repeat AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 15 minutes.


10 x Jump Squats

5 x Bodyweight Squats

10 x Walking Lunges

30s 90-Degree Wall-Sits

Rest 30 seconds and repeat AMRAP in 15 minutes.


10 x Mountain Climbers

5 x Chair Dips

10 x Step-Ups onto Chair

30s Plank on Chair

Rest 30 seconds, repeat AMRAP in 15 minutes and that's it!

The bottom line is that you start to implement small, healthy changes to your summer routine so that you're not stressed or shocked when your little ones go back to school and you also have to get your schedule in check. This time of the year always signifies a new beginning, so look at it as an opportunity to hit the re-start button too. Good luck!

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