SWEAT NATION: What To Expect

SWEAT NATION: What To Expect


SWEAT NATION: What To Expect
Sweat Nation

Can you believe that it’s already June? It seems like a lifetime since we set our goals at the start of the year. Well, it’s not too late to reignite your healthy resolutions. Join us in our new 30 day challenge: SWEAT NATION. 


SWEAT NATION is a 30 day challenge that starts on July 22 and ends on August 20, 2019.

SWEAT NATION is an opportunity for like-minded women from all over the world to come together to start building healthy habits. This is also great for women in the Northern Hemisphere looking to commit to their health and fitness goals during the warmer months.

During SWEAT NATION, you’ll be joining SWEAT trainers Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Sjana Elise, Stephanie Sanzo, and Chontel Duncan to complete your selected program for 30 days straight.

You can sign up for SWEAT NATION when you subscribe to the SWEAT app. Once the challenge has started, you’ll need to complete one activity each day from the program that you’ve selected. This includes:

  • Resistance training, at home or in the gym
  • Cardio
  • Recovery

And yes, your rest days are included! Rest is an absolutely essential part of your training that allows your muscles to recover between resistance training sessions.


SWEAT NATION is about building healthy habits that can help you feel fitter, stronger and more confident, supported by our SWEAT trainers who will be there to provide support and motivate you the whole way through!

For many people, it’s also a lot easier to stick to your fitness goals and stay motivated when you’re doing it together. That’s why during the 30 days of SWEAT NATION, you’ll be joining like-minded women from around the world as you establish a regular exercise routine. There’s no better time to start working towards your healthy goals than now, with the daily support of SWEAT’s global community.

How do I participate in SWEAT NATION?

You can participate in SWEAT NATION by completing one activity in your chosen workout program each day. In the SWEAT app you will find resistance workouts, cardio and recovery sessions for each program. Each time you complete one of these sessions you get a ‘trophy’ to celebrate your dedication to your healthy habit that day. You even get a trophy for taking a rest day!

Throughout the 30 days, we are here to support you with a dedicated online forum, live chat and regular motivation from our SWEAT trainers to establish a healthy routine that can last well beyond the 30 days of SWEAT NATION. You can join the forum to chat about your experience with women from all around the world and motivate others by sharing your journey.

Sweat NationSweat NationSweat Nation

What should I expect if I’m new to the SWEAT app?

If you are new to the SWEAT app, SWEAT NATION can help you kickstart your training. Choose the program that best suits you and get started! We’d love to have you join us — whether you are a fitness beginner or you have been working out for a while, we have a training style that will suit you! 

If you are just starting your fitness journey, each program has four beginner weeks to get you started. No matter which program you choose, the beginner weeks can take you through the 30 days of the challenge and set you up for success for the full 12 week program. For best results, we recommend using the same program throughout the challenge.

Before the challenge kicks off, you can get ready by familiarising yourself with the app. There’s a great guide on our Support page on how to navigate the app, switch between programs, and the devices you can use to follow your workout program. 

If you’re unsure which training style you prefer, try a workout from the ‘Other Workouts’ section of the app. Here you can explore a variety of training styles, challenges and quick workouts from our trainers that take just 15-20 minutes. 

Fitness Challenge

I’m already using the SWEAT app, what does SWEAT NATION mean for me?

For those of you who are already SWEAT members, you can join SWEAT NATION in the app. Next time you open the app, you’ll see a SWEAT NATION banner at the top of the home screen. Simply select ‘Join Now’ and you’ll be notified when the challenge begins!

During the challenge, you’ll continue to follow the workout program of your choice, or use this opportunity to try out a new training style.

You might also like to invite a friend to train with you!

Get started with SWEAT NATION 30 day challenge

Now that you know all about SWEAT NATION, it’s time to make a commitment to building healthy habits. Sign up for the challenge and join the SWEAT NATION community in the SWEAT app

Make sure that you follow SWEAT and our trainers on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration, workout videos, and motivation as we reach our goals and form healthy habits for life. We’re in this together, let’s get ready to smash SWEAT NATION! 


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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