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Your Sweat Challenge Event Timetable

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Your Sweat Challenge Event Timetable

The 2021 Sweat Challenge is an experience that you don’t want to miss! With over 150,000 women around the world joining, it’s an opportunity to find the motivation and support you need on your fitness journey, no matter which stage you are currently at. 

For the first time ever, the Sweat Challenge will include a series of live events from the Sweat Trainers to keep you motivated and connected with your global community. 

Here’s a look at what you can expect throughout the six-week challenge — save the date to attend, and follow Sweat on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Sweat Challenge 2021 Events

The Sweat Challenge begins on Monday, January 11, 2021, but if you’ve missed the start you can still join until February 22 by tapping on  the banner in the latest version of the Sweat app

To support you on your journey, this Sweat Challenge includes exclusive, live workouts with seven of your Sweat Trainers for you to join — here’s a peek at the timetable. 

Anyone can join these live workouts, even if you haven’t subscribed to Sweat. So take this opportunity to get to know the Sweat Trainers and try out their individual training styles!

Weekly events with your Sweat Trainers

These events will occur each week of the six-week Sweat Challenge, between January 11 and February 21. Mark these on your calendar and set an alert so you don’t miss out!

Each exclusive, live workout will go for around 30 minutes, so be sure to have a water bottle handy to join the Sweat Community and your Sweat Trainer — get set to learn new skills and build fitness together!

Sweat Challenge Timetable


Instagram Live Workout with Kayla Itsines 

Each Sunday evening (6.30pm EST, 11.30pm GMT, 10.30am Monday AEDT) , Sweat co-founder and trainer Kayla Itsines will lead you through a BBG workout. 

Follow Kayla on Instagram to join the BBG Community for this exclusive event. This is your chance to get Kayla’s training tips live and improve your form during the weekly BBG workout.  

This is an amazing opportunity to train live with Kayla, but if you miss the workout, it will be available on IGTV so you can catch up there. 

The first week of the Sweat Challenge, Monday, January 11, Kayla has a BBG Challenge Express Legs workout — stay tuned for more workouts every Sunday night.


Instagram Live Motivation Monday with Kelsey Wells

Need some motivation to start your week right? Kelsey Wells has you covered! Follow Kelsey on Instagram for inspiration each Monday morning to empower yourself with a positive, healthy mindset throughout the Sweat Challenge. 

Back To Barre Basics on Instagram Live with Britany Williams

Join Britany Williams for an instructional class on how to do the key movements for barre. 

If you’ve never done barre before or have only tried a few classes, this is an opportunity to learn the correct technique to make the most of your barre practice! 

Just like the other Instagram Live events, this weekly barre class will be available after the live event on Britany’s IGTV.                                                                                                                                           


Increase Your Flexibility with Phyllicia Bonanno

On Tuesdays, for each week of the Sweat Challenge, you can join yoga instructor Phyllicia Bonanno for a live yoga workout to increase your flexibility. 

If you are following Yoga with Phyllicia for the Sweat Challenge, this is a perfect time to benefit live instruction and guidance, and share your workout with the other women in the Sweat Community!

For anyone doing another Sweat program, these live yoga classes are an opportunity to stretch out sore muscles and recover from your other training. 

The event will be streamed live on IGTV from Phyllica’s Instagram page, and if you miss it, you can find the live stream on her IGTV afterwards.

Sweat Challenge 2021 Timetable


How To Yoga on Instagram with Ania Tippkemper

Ever wanted to learn the correct technique and breathing for dynamic yoga? Join Ania for her live Instagram class each Wednesday to learn how to synchronise your breath with movement and build strength through yoga. 

Her guidance is calm and confident, and provides you with an opportunity to explore new yoga poses demonstrated by an expert instructor. 

Full Body Dumbbell Workout with Kelsey Wells on Facebook

This exclusive event will be live on Kelsey’s Facebook page for you on Wednesday, January 27. Grab some dumbbells and join Kelsey and the PWR Community for this workout at 6 pm EST — put this workout in your calendar! 


Kayla’s No Equipment Full Body Bootcamp on Facebook

Kayla’s signature bootcamps are well-known throughout the BBG Community — even though  gatherings are restricted in many places, you can still join in live on Facebook to get your heart pumping with a full body bootcamp workout! Find your motivation and work harder than ever, guided by Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines. 

FIERCE Fridays Live on Instagram with Chontel Duncan

If you want to get FIERCE and train live with Chontel Duncan, then book in a workout each Friday. In 30 minutes you’ll get your heart rate up and accelerate your strength with formidable Sweat Trainer Chontel Duncan. 

For anyone needing extra motivation or ready to elevate their fitness, this weekly workout is for you! 

Introduction to Barre with Britany Williams on Facebook Live

On January 28, Sweat’s barre instructor, Brittany Williams, is holding a special barre just for anyone who hasn’t tried barre before or is new to barre to teach you about the basic movements. 

Join Britany to learn the fundamental techniques for this fun training style! If you miss the live event it will be available on Britany’s Facebook page to follow along when you have half an hour to spare!

Schedule your events to train live with the Sweat Community! 

This is a Sweat Challenge like no other — the Sweat trainers have plenty of experience and motivation to share with you, live for the first time!

You can log these live sessions into your Sweat workout planner and schedule them around your other Challenge workouts to have a complete view of your progress. 

When you’re part of the Sweat Community, you never have to train alone — there are over 150,000 women training alongside you! Take the opportunity to join in with these exclusive workouts live or catch them up in your own time. 

The Sweat Challenge continues until February 22, 2021, so take this opportunity to explore the exciting workouts from all of the Sweat Trainers! This Sweat Challenge is made for you, so what are you waiting for? Add your favourite events to your calendar and let’s Sweat together!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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