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How To Stay Fit On Holiday

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How To Stay Fit On Holiday
How to stay fit during holidays

I’m sure you all know that feeling of anticipation for the upcoming holiday you just booked! This means (well - at least for me, haha!) it's bikini shopping time! We all want to feel happy, healthy and fit in our new suit; having a healthy body and mind is not just a short cut, it's a lifestyle. So why should we completely change our routine when we're going on vacation?

It can often seem difficult to stay healthy and active on holiday due to all the good food, lack of gyms and no place for all your healthy food in your suitcase ! Here's the deal; you don't need to pack a lot to eat healthy, get active and still have  a lot of fun on holidays!

Let's start with your packing list. There’s not much that you need:

  1. Towel
  2. Resistance bands
  3. Workout gear
  4. Hat
  5. Sun protection

If you’re workout will be outdoors, the most important thing is a hat and sunscreen to protect your head and skin from the sun. Stay safe!

Shorts, sports tops, sports bras and a small workout towel are light and can easily be folded so you can take them anywhere. You will need it, because you're going to sweat, I promise!

Last but not least, resistance bands. They are the perfect piece of equipment for your holiday as they need almost no space in your suitcase and can be utilised in so many ways for your workout.

Resistance bands are so easy to travel with and make for a great workout.

My holiday routine always includes a 10-minute resistance band workout right before going to sleep that incorporates crab walks, squats and glute bridge to feel a burn in the legs and booty! Resistance bands are versatile and can also be used for upper body workouts to strengthen your shoulders (like in the picture above) and arms.

If you’re lucky to be holidaying by the beach, another way to include a workout into your day is to exercise on the sandy beach. It will only take half the time to make you sweat as it's definitely more challenging to run and jump in the sand! Try 15 jump squats before rewarding yourself with a cool down in the sea? If you’re with a group of friends, make your workout fun for everyone with a game of beach volleyball.

A workout on the sand is sure to get you sweating!
Beach volleyball is a great way to get active on holiday!

There are lots of ways to move your body on holiday and get a little extra sweat session in. You can also rent a bike instead of a car or just walk everywhere you want to go, which replaces a LISS session. You will also find the most amazing places when you explore everything by foot instead of sitting in a car.

But what about all the good food?

Of course you can have amazing food when you are on holiday. Please don't regret the gelato or freshly baked chocolate cake from the local patisserie! To ban all yummy but not so healthy foods is not necessary for a healthy body and mind. The point is to treat yourself in moderation and maintain your balanced diet the rest of the day. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Try the local food
Usually the local food is much more nutritious than the "tourist food" as found in many of the  chain stores. When you spend your holidays by the sea you will often find a lot of fish on the menu which is full of healthy fats and rich in protein. Pair with a serve of local vegetables seasoned with spices and local herbs, or a fresh salad.

Enjoy the exotic fruits
More precisely: Eat a lot of local fruits. Fruit from the surrounding area is often really cheap and tastes a lot better then when bought from our home countries as it doesn’t have long transport routes which can dull the taste. Fruit also contains a lot of water, which brings me to my last but most important point.

Stay hydrated.
H2O intake is so important when travelling, even more so when you spend your holidays in a country where the weather is hot. Early signs of dehydration and heat stroke can include feeling uncomfortably warm, headaches, dizzy spells, nausea, excessive tiredness and having a red, flustered neck and face. To avoid dehydration, make sure to drink at least 3 litres of water every day. For every hour you work out drink one more litre. If you’re budget conscious, take a reusable drink bottle and ask hotels and cafes to fill your bottle up for you. The added bonus is that this is environmentally friendly so you can help support the local community by reducing your waste! 

Staying hydrated is so important when travelling!

You see? It's not as hard as you may think to include a few little workouts and healthy food to your holiday. For me, working out in a new environment is even more fun than it is at home. You might even find you meet new people during your workout! But here's one last pro tip for you;

Enjoy your holidays and don’t place too much pressure on yourself to maintain your routine on the other side of the world. Have fun! 

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