How to Build A Booty

How to Build A Booty


How to Build A Booty

Whether it's the Kardashian's, Brazil's booty workout videos, or just good ol' social media, it's pretty clear that everyone is trying to show off a big booty these days. 

I remember when I used to think that I just didn't have a bum and that was that. I figured I had a flat chest and I couldn't grow that so the same was probably true for my backside, ha! I think I was still like 18 years old when I met one of my good friends and I was telling her that she looked SO good and that I wished I had a booty too. 

She looked at me like I just said the most confusing thing EVER. She goes, "well why don't you just start lifting heavy and get a booty?"

I probably looked back at her the same way she had at me and conversation and questions and curiosity exploded from there. 

Sure enough, we started hitting the gym together and she was taking me through workouts that were STRICTLY for the booty. 

I was determined but as most of you could probably relate to, I was scared of bulking up!


I grew up playing soccer so I figured that muscle memory would kick in or something and give me Hulk like legs, FAST. 


At this point my friend just told me to trust her so I did and the results were LOVELY. 

So I want to help you learn how to build a booty. 

And let me start by saying, it's not just  jump lunges and body weight squats. Those might give you some plump but they're not going to really challenge your muscles to BUILD. 


Here's the three things you NEED to do to BUILD A BOOTY:



In order to get really deep into the muscle you need to work PAST the burn. So at the end of your booty workout, do two sets of 30-50 reps of an exercise to reallyyy build that booty OR once you think you've hit your max burn, do 10 more reps. This will build build build that bum in all the right areas. It will be more than a quick pump and more of the beginning of an actual transformation. 



According to the NSCA (National Stength and Conditioning Association) they say that if you can do 15 reps of something, then you are only using 65% of the power that your body is capable of. 

Here's another way to look at it:

If you are only able to do 1 rep, you are using 100% of your effort. 

4 reps? = 90%

6 reps? = 85%

12 reps? = 70%

and so on. 

If we want a big booty we have to REALLY put in the effort so we want to stay in this 100%-70% range. 



Waking up the next morning after a workout unable to move isn't really an indicator of a great workout. You want to find a weight and an amount of reps that tear the microscopic muscle fibers so that they can rebuild and grow not be damanged. 

If you are just beginning maybe you could start with doing 2-4 sets a week and then as you get stronger move on to 20+ sets a week. (A set is like doing 1 set of jump squats, 3 times). 

Here's a little workout that you and a buddy can try next time you go to the gym!


S1- 10 REPS

S2- 6-8 REPS

S3- 4-6 REPS

S4- 2-4 REPS

S5- 4-6 REPS

S6- 6-8 REPS

S7- 10-12 REPS

And remember to pick a weight each time that's going to give you the burn!

For more of my go to exercises with a description of how to do them, check out my blog here.

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