Ankle Weight Routine You Can Do From Anywhere

Ankle Weight Routine You Can Do From Anywhere


Looking to upgrade and challenge your current workout routine? Adding ankle weights it is a super easy way to do it! Ankle weights will make simple moves more challenging and will make you feel that burn. I love adding ankle weights when working out from home or to do a quick but intense session at the gym. 

When using ankle weights you are working way more than just your legs, you are also challening your core during exercises because you are adding extra resistance you are therefore using more muscles in your body. Epecially on planks or table top position! 

The moves I will show you below can be done from anywhere, I bring my ankle weights to the gym or when I travel but if you are at home you can do it as well. 

Make sure to read the description because I will add some pulses for you to take this workout to another level!




Every move for 1 minute with 10 sec pulses at the end. Repeat on each leg. Total of 3 rounds (that means 3 times each leg). 

1. Leg lifts

2. Donkey Kicks

3. Cross over

4. Lying side leg lifts

1. Leg Lifts

On table top position, making sure that your shoulders are over your wrist and hips are square looking down the ground (don't let your supportive leg take all the weight). 

Start with lifting your right leg straight up at the back, bring it down and up. Keep your lower belly tight so your lower back doesn't arch. Keep lifting your leg up and down slowly for the whole minute, last 10 seconds, hold half way and pulse bringing your leg one inch lower and one inche higher. 

2. Donkey Kicks

Staying on the table top position, bend your leg at back on a 90 degree angle, kick your leg straight up and bring it back down to the same position as before, don't let it pass your hip distance. Repeat same movement until the minute is up and pulse the last 10 seconds.

3. Crossover

Table top position (I promise you are almost done with this!) - swipe your leg from one side to the other, make sure to give a little lift when passing through the middle and slowly move it to the other side. Keep an eye on your lower back, since must people arch their back in this exercise. Pulses will be the same as leg lifts, hold at the middle and pulse one inch up and one down. 

4. Lying side leg lifts

Lay down on the side, you can lay on top of your arm or use your foreman as support. Keep your lower leg bend or straight on the floor. Your leg on the top will lift up and down, similar to leg lifts but on your side to work your outer thighs and hips. Repeat the same move for one minute, pulse on the last 10 seconds by holding your leg half way and bringing your leg one inch down and up. 

Let me know what you think, share it on instagram and tag me so I can cheer you on! -

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Happy sweating!



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