7 Fitness Studios You Need To Try in Boston


7 Fitness Studios You Need To Try in Boston
7 Fitness Studios You Need To Try in Boston

Whether you workout on your own, or you love fitness classes, these studios are a MUST if you are in Boston. 

They are for all; for the lifting babes, to the spin addict, or the barre lover. 

If you have tried them, let me know. Or if you do, I hope you like them!




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They call themselves "King of boxing gyms" and well, it is kinda true. They have two locations in Boston, with many different types of classes. From your classic MITT session on the ring, to your endurance running class. Every single class has been planned around a real boxers conditioning traning. 

If is your first time, I would recommend BAGSxBODY or MITT work, but if you want a glove free class, then TRAINx STRENGTH will be your jam. Take Shane's or Reid's classes. Won't dissapoint!




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This is for my spin addicts. The handle bar is a local spin studio owned and (mainly) operated by women. You will leave a class feeling in love with the crew, the vibe and with endorphines on the sky. Every instructor brings their own sauce to the party, with killer tunes and moves. It is very very local, you will see your co-worker, highschool friend and all the fitness bloggers. It is the place to BE. 

They have three locations, Southie, Harvard and Fenway.   

All the instructors are amazing, and the 45 min signature class are perfect for a great sweat. But if you'd ask me, I would take Natasha's class anytime. She brings some sass and badassery. Plus tons of dancing in class ;) 




This is by far my favorite studio, because well, it is such a good workout and I teach here. 

The classes are resistance based using a machine. Don't be scared, or feel inmitated, you will be fine. Every class is a full body workout, and is broken into each body part. You will work your core, obliques (tons of core work is required on every move), arms and legs (broken into left and right). 

Every move is very slow, and targets the very small fibers on your muscles. It will make you shake and sweat like never before. It is great for new mums, or anyone that is looking for a non-impact workout. 

Obviously come to my class!


4. BARRE 3


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Expect a combination of yoga, ballet and pilates but on steroids. For real. It is super fun, high beat music, and challenging. If you're looking for a workout that will make you shake and be sore for a couple days, then definetly pick this studio. 

They have studios all around the country, and a handful in the Boston greater area. 




Kickboxing and music driven class, that it is SO MUCH FUN! Expect 13 rounds of bodyweight moves, with some kicks and punches. A lot of partner work, a lot of good music, and a yoga inspired last round. 

This class will leave you feeling (f)empowered, and ready to take on the world. All the instructors are super friendly, and every class is so much fun. Obvi, taking the class with Eliza (the founder) is a MUST, but any other instructor it is as good and passionate. 

Before you go, here's a little tip for you:

An affordable way to try these classes while saving money is to use apps like ClassPass and ZENREZ. You'll be able to find some of these classes at discounted prices if you go at off-peak hours or book last minute, as well, most of them offer first timers deals. 

Have fun!

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