10 Beautiful and Inspirational Fitness Instagrams to Follow

10 Beautiful and Inspirational Fitness Instagrams to Follow


Instagram is my go-to source of fitness inspiration. I love getting a curated glimpse into the lifestyles and fitness routines of women from all walks of life. Lately, I’ve realized that the Instagram accounts I’ve been drawn to feature women who are strong, confident, genuine and beautiful. These women are all unapologetically themselves which I find incredibly inspiring and attractive.


Here are my 10 favorite Instagram accounts (in no particular order):


1. Melissa Wood (@melissawoodhealth)



You know how some people radiate positivity? Melissa is the epitome of that. If you’ve watched her Instastories, you’ll know what I’m talking about. She comes across as down to earth and has an amazing energy about her. What's refreshing about Melissa is how open she is about her past struggles with food and her body image (you can read about it on her blog). It's rare for a beautiful model to be that candid. I messaged her for advice a few months ago and she actually responded!


2. Remi Ishizuka (@rrayyme)



I started following Remi a few years ago when she was doing her first round of BBG (the popular Bikini Body Guides created by the one and only @kayla_itsines). It's been really motivating to see Remi’s fitness transformation and witness the growth of her personal brand. I love scrolling through Remi’s feed for fitness, food and fashion inspiration. Not only does she makes the prettiest food, she does casual chic perfectly and has the best beach waves. 


3. Alexa Ibarra (@aribarra)



Confession: I stumbled upon Alexa’s Instagram a few months ago, saw a photo of her perky bum and immediately signed up for her yoga class. I thought to myself, “God damn. If yoga can do that to my butt, I’m all in.” I loved how different her yoga class was. It combined yoga with circuits and an awesome playlist. Alexa is also super adorable and oozes positivity and good vibes. I was scrolling through her feed a while back and came across a post she wrote about how an old friend of hers had body shamed her. Instead of letting that get her down, Alexa turned that criticism into positivity and embarked on her yoga journey. I’m definitely taking her class again when I’m back in New York later this summer.


4. Elizabeth & Dale (@sweatsandthecity)



These beautiful roomies document their favorite New York workouts spots while sporting the hippest workout gear and flawless hair (seriously Elizabeth, how do you do it?). I love checking out their posts and Instastories for contemporary activewear inspiration. They literally make everything look good. Not going to lie, I’ve been tempted to buy whatever they both wear countless times! Too bad my bank account doesn’t support those impulsive decisions.


5. Lindsey Diane (@ladolcelindsey)



Lindsey is drop dead gorgeous. Just look at her! I didn’t know it was possible to make working out look sexy until I stumbled upon her photos and workout videos. I’ve saved a few of her videos for my future gym workouts. If you're wondering, yes I have a major girl crush on her. I haven’t met her (yet!) but from our exchanges on Instagram, I can tell she’s super sweet and nice!


6. Kirsty Godso (@kirstygodso)



Kirsty's badass Instagram is one of the few that empowers me to become a stronger and fitter version of myself. She is so incredibly strong- just scroll through her feed and watch any of her videos. I’ve yet to take her class at Project by Equinox for fear I might projectile vomit all over their sleek studio, but it’s definitely on my list of classes to take in New York!


7. Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman)



Hannah's Instagram account is one of the first that made me feel like it was okay to accept my body as it is. It was such a breath of fresh air to not feel like I had to be a size 00 (god help me, I've tried and failed countless times). She comes across as 100% authentic which isn’t always common in the curated world of Instagram. Hannah’s photos and videos never fail to inspire me to push myself harder or create healthier versions of my favorite foods.


8. Melanie Torres (@headstandsandheels)



I’m always struck by the grace and flexibility of yogis, but what really drew me to Melanie’s Instagram was how genuine she came across in her posts. I read her blog post about a tough period she went through a few months ago and immediately reached out because it reminded me of my own past struggles. Sometimes it’s so easy to pass judgement about other people’s lives. Melanie’s Instagram is a wonderful reminder to myself to always be kind and caring because you honestly never know what others are going through.


9. Pegah (@pegactive)



I always click on Pegah’s Instastories when I see them pop up on my feed. She’s another beauty who exudes confidence and good vibes, the kind of girl I'd love to hang out with inside the workout studio and outside of it. My SoulCycle addiction is long behind me but I’d strap on my dusty spinning shoes just to try out her class the next time I’m in SF.


10. Amanda Kloots (@amandakloots)



I love watching videos of Amanda training one of my favorite fashion bloggers Arielle Noa Charnas (@somethingnavy). Those dance videos and Arielle's amazingly toned body are what inspired me to buy Amanda’s dance cardio workout videos which I have been doing while on travelling! It’s surprisingly fun and gets my heart racing in no time. I love how energetic, upbeat and positive Amanda comes across in class and in her feed. It never fails to put a smile on my face!

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